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Blog Stage Bij Bringme Stagiairs

Intern in the heart of Leuven

For 12 weeks Ruben, Sebastien, Viktor and Luïs joined forces with the Bringme team, located in the heart of Leuven. Each of them has his own field of study and background, but all are equally Bringme. This is the story of four young and ambitious interns growing together with an ambitious growth company.

Doing an internship in a young, innovative company in the heart of Leuven, it's possible! For the past 12 weeks, 4 interns – Ruben, Sebastien, Viktor and Luïs - joined our ranks, each in a different department, but all of them valued members of the Bringme-family. We're happy to give them the floor to share their experiences.

Blog Stage Bij Bringme Stagiairs

Hi guys, each of you ended up here in a different way: through a friend, a list at school, a possible internship at another company, … It's great to know that so many paths lead to Bringme! Tell us, why did you choose for Bringme?

Viktor: For me, the connection was easily made: my girlfriend plays on the same basketball team as Sandra, HR advisor at Bringme. Yes, HR advisors play basketball too (laughs). I ended up at Bringme through her, where I had a first interview with Creative Director Tim Driesen. An amazing man, he kind of made my jaw drop a little. Not because of his looks of course, my girlfriend wouldn't be too pleased with that, but because of his ideas, plans and experience. I felt like getting started at Bringme right away!

Ruben: My first impression was the same. When I had my interview, I was also in the running for an internship at Medialaan. But after talking to Tim I was immediately convinced: this was where I needed to be. During my internship, I discovered that Medialaan is a client of Bringme, so there was still a connection.

Passing up an opportunity at a company like Medialaan to do your internship here? We're flattered! Since you're all in different departments, you probably perform different tasks? What do your days look like?

Luïs: Viktor and I are interns in the department Marketing and Communication. Our main job consists of supporting general marketing tasks, but also of thinking up creative marketing campaigns. Campaigns to activate clients or to thank them, for example. Not only for Belgian clients, but also for clients in the Netherlands and even London. Other than that, we participate in brainstorming about interesting social media posts, benchmarking social media, composing direct mailings, … I think it's fair to say that we have a very broad range of tasks. There's always a job to be done!

Ruben: I sit next to Viktor and Luïs and am assisting Sven, who is Product Manager as well as my internship mentor. I'm primarily occupied with the service point of view: which new functionalities is our product still missing?

Sebastien: Even though I'm a student of Accountancy, I'm on the Business Developers-team: a blend of sales and relations. Not the most obvious choice, I know (laughs). I mainly support the UK-Launcher, Michail Smirnov, in his work. Smirnov with a v, of course, the kind with the double f is for after-hours (laughs). I help him in launching the Bringme Box in the UK. One task that stood out to me, was optimising the calculator. The calculator is a tool with which (potential) clients can calculate the financial advantage that Bringme can offer them.

You're now in the last weeks of your internship and have successfully brought several tasks to an end. What's the main lesson that you've learned?

Sebastien: I've noticed that I'm much less afraid to address managers or employees in leading positions. The way in which you go about it is important, but they're just people too, after all. Furthermore, because I talked and/or mailed with prospects and clients from London daily, my English has improved significantly.

Luïs: The approach, the way of thinking, the way of brainstorming, the way of addressing problems and assignments, the way of working in general: it's very different from what you'd think in the beginning. All these things can happen in a light, fun way; it doesn't always have to be super serious and stiff.

Viktor: At first we had to find our way a bit, and discover the best approach to things. Our mentors always coached us in the right direction though, so we learned quickly. And like Luïs said, it's a perfect combination of having fun, laughing and being professional. Impressive!

That's nice to hear! Is there really such a pleasant atmosphere and culture at Bringme, or are you just saying this to get good grades for your internship?

Ruben: (laughing) No, the atmosphere is just genuinely really good. It has a very young and open feel to it. Everyone greets each other, is friendly, ready to answer questions and lend a helping hand. It doesn't get any better!

Luïs: Exactly.

Viktor and Sebastien in unison: And the flexible working hours!

Sebastien: You're supposed to start between 7:30 and 9 o'clock every day, but if you've got plans on a certain day and you want to come in a bit later or go home a bit earlier, no one will make an issue out of it. As long as you work the right number of hours.

Can you see yourselves working at Bringme?

All four at once: Yes!

Four young guys with fine ambitions and the world at their feet: this can only go well, if you ask me! How about the Bringme Box: have you used it? And would you recommend it to your future school and/or working place?

Sebastien: Yes, I've used the box a few times and will definitely use it again in the future! Whether it'll be in the Bringme building itself or in my next school, it's become a service that I can no longer miss.

Ruben: In my first weeks, I got the assignment to get to know the box, to have something delivered and try it out. I've kept on using the box ever since, because it's just so practical.

Viktor: The box immediately grabs your attention. It's very sleek, modern and simple. I recommend it to everyone!

Luïs: My reaction? 'Is it really this simple? Wow!' I absolutely recommend it!

Enough said… Our boys can look back at a very fun and informative few months, filled to the brim with new people, new impressions and a new product. Who knows, our paths might cross again in the future. Maybe as a working student, permanent employee, client or business partner of Bringme? Time will tell!

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