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Standing desks: hip or handy?

Sitting is the new [insert unhealthy habit here]. That’s why we tried something different: standing desks. Working while standing has been hip for a while now, but does it work? Hype or future? We did the test.

We're all spending more time at work than at home. And for those of us who work in an office that means a lot of sitting down. At a desk or in a meeting room. Yes, sitting culture is real. And very unhealthy, as shown by various reports. So, should we all just stand up? Or lay down? …We'll take standing. At Bringme we went for standing desks, and it feels good. Standing instead of sitting is healthier, and you're actively working at a better posture. That's beneficial for employees, but also for employers: standing up means more energy, better concentration and heightened productivity. Everybody happy.

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So, standing desks.

Initially we opted for a pricey model: the SmartDesk by Autonomous. We tested it out in almost all our departments, but soon its engine failed. Deeply disappointed, we had to look for an alternative – while sitting down. We decided on a model from IKEA, which was very affordable and of impressive quality. This one turned out to be a keeper: automatically adjustable through the simple push of a button and perfectly blending in with our regular desks. You can understand why we ordered more. They are on their way right now.

In our search for the ideal standing desk, we learned a few things. We're happy to share our tips with you:

1. Keep it light and clean

Make sure you don't choose too big a table top: a desk quickly fills up and that whole mess will have to go up and down with the desk each time.

2. Expensive is not always better

The IKEA model meets all our standing desk needs, without forcing us to dig deep into our pockets.

3. Size does matter

Keep in mind that people of different heights will have to be able to work at the standing desks. Some desks couldn't go up high enough for our tallest colleagues

4. Nice and neat

It's (more than) convenient if there is a net under your standing desk, where you can keep all the cords. That way, the space underneath the desk remains tidy.

Finally, we know that standing desks aren't the solution to every problem. That's why we regularly alternate between standing and sitting. And even if you are working at a standing desk, you're standing still. It's important to keep moving and walk around now and then. Our search for a healthy posture in the office isn't over yet, we'll keep you posted as soon as we have extra tips!

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