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A busy reception

Corona standards difficult for receptionists: social distancing at the reception is an impossible task

Following the attacks of 9/11 the world took on quite a different appearance. Drastic safety measures were enforced in and around airports. Similarly, our lives will need to change after corona. This means that company receptions will never be the same: prevention measures will be applied in reception areas to keep viruses out, and ‘social distancing’ will become the new normal. The process is complicated: screening for fever and the risk of a virus, communicating and agreeing to prevention measures, disinfecting hands, and so on. No receptionist, however keen, could ever manage this, and certainly not at a distance of 1.5 metres. So what is best way to tackle this?

Don’t make your reception a breeding ground

Most interaction between customers, employees, couriers and suppliers takes place in the reception area, making this a company’s weakest link. So what needs to change in order to protect the health of your visitors and employees? From now on, you can confidently leave this to a virtual receptionist: in doing so, you can give visitors a professional and fully automated welcome in a safe environment. Better still: you will also protect your entire company from viral infection. It is clearly no ordinary visitor management system.

… but create a safe buffer

Your reception is the company’s bottleneck. It is therefore the perfect place to conduct a strict selection procedure from now on: only those without a fever, with clean hands and who have accepted the prevention measures will receive an ‘all clear’-badge and may venture further. Not only is this method extremely safe, it is also very reassuring for your employees. After all, they are really worried and deserve to work in safe surroundings.

A woman disinfecting her hands at the Bringme Desk

Automatic health check

How on earth can we be expected to achieve this? Now that’s the great advantage of the virtual receptionist or Bringme Desk: it simply does all the work for you. It is truly pioneering. Indeed, the desk, designed especially for the post-corona era, features an ingenious thermometer, integrated health check, built-in printer and hands-free hygienic alcohol-gel dispenser: both visitors and employees must complete all steps before receiving the ‘all clear’ and being allowed to continue.

No all clear, no entry

What’s really handy is that you can also subtly oblige visitors to read your prevention measures, such as social distancing and hand hygiene, and to accept them explicitly. What would be impossible with a ‘real’ receptionist is easily and efficiently managed with a virtual one. Furthermore, this reduces sick leave and saves you a good deal of money.

Running a fever? Please postpone the meeting

During virus peaks or seasonal flu, all those signing in are obliged to have their temperature measured. This is done automatically and in accordance with GDPR, of course. Does your visitor have a temperature? Then he/she will be asked to postpone the meeting or book a virtual one instead. In addition, the temperature of all employees will be quickly checked. Good to know that there will soon be no one wandering around the workplace with an illness… A measure that your employees and customers are sure to appreciate.

Reassure your employees with the visitors’ badge

Was the health check successful? Were all boxes ticked off? Then the virtual receptionist will issue the visitor with a badge. Employees then know that the safety rules were respected and everyone feels safe.

A woman applying her visitor badge

Operation ‘clean hands’

An important step at the end of the registration process is the disinfection of hands. This is achieved using a sensor-controlled hand disinfection station integrated in the Bringme Desk. Both visitors and employees are asked to thoroughly disinfect their hands. This means you can be sure that everyone entering the building does so with clean hands.

And how much will all this cost me?

The good thing is: by working with a Bringme Desk, you can eliminate the usual time-consuming reception tasks. Combine it with contactless delivery via the Bringme Box and you can even automate over 90% of the tasks. You also cover the new tasks and responsibilities gained by the receptionist in implementing the corona standards, which would be impossible to manage alone. In doing so, you create a proper virtual reception complete with contactless delivery management, allowing you to save an average of 6.5 times the rent of a virtual reception. So it costs you nothing, on the contrary. In fact, it makes you money.

Are you keen to make your reception corona-proof and save money?