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Virtual reception

Why are so many developers switching to a digital concierge in new building projects

More and more property developers are including a digital concierge as the norm in their residential projects. Discover 5 reasons why.

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Blog Investeringscriteria Belegger

5 investment criteria for new apartments, according to investors

New apartments are an interesting investment but not all of them satisfy investors’ requirements. Your building project must meet the following 5 criteria.

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Blog Slimme Deurbel Vrouw Scant Bringme Key

Why every residential complex should have a smart doorbell

Many apartment buildings still have a traditional doorbell – a doorbell that no longer meets the standards of modern residential comfort.

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Old entrance hall

7 shortcomings of the contemporary residential entrance

Residential building entrances haven't changed over decades. The current systems don't communicate with one another and have an expensive price tag.

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Blog Wonen en Werken Bringme Box

Living and working: are you up-to-date?

New ways of living and working have outgrown the concept stage. As in other fields, developments are happening in quick succession. Are you still with it?

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Blog Millennials yust 4

Construction tailored to millennials

The number of young starters in large cities is rising. Project developers are increasingly incorporating the changing needs of this growing group of millennials into their work. In April 2017, construction started on YUST (Young Urban Style), an Antwerp housing project that effortlessly combines sustainability, sharing economy, and neighbourhood integration.

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