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Office Computacenter digital workspace disussing

Bringme in the digital workplace

Computacenter is a company that provides IT services to organizations all over Europe. They call themselves challengers, innovators of the work environment. What are they working on? Well, among other things, the "digital workplace", a concept that's perfectly in line with Bringme.

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Case Office AZ Sint Dimpna int

Special “employee benefit” for staff at Geel’s Sint-Dimpna hospital

On the occasion of Hospital Worker Day, the Geel hospital is installing a Bringme Box. "Installing the box is part of the celebration we're planning this year on 15 May. That day, we'd like to thank all our collaborators for their daily efforts," say Nadescha Turlinckx and René Vanheuckelom, who are with the Communication department.

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Case Limel Screen Man

KU Leuven lending service now open six times longer

Leuven, city of students. The tens of thousands of members of the KU Leuven (university of Leuven) are welcome at Limel, for all their audiovisual needs. Providing good service to that many people is no mean feat. That’s why Limel called for reinforcement: these days the Bringme Box is standing in as a lending service. That means customers can now pick up equipment and bring it back all throughout the day, while Limel employees' to-do lists have been shortened substantially. And those aren’t even all the advantages.

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Case Office Here East Ext

Bringme's parcel service is present at Here East from the get-go

In bustling East London, there's a very special multi-tenant building. Here East's mammoth campus takes up no less than 1.2 million square metres and was built as a media centre for the 2012 Olympics. Meanwhile, the location has been transformed into a breeding ground for innovation and creativity. As "coincidence" would have it, a Bringme Box was recently installed. We paid them a visit.

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S Case office Multi tenant Telephone House Londen

How Bringme contributes to the safety of office buildings in London

Safety has never been more important than today. In big cities, especially, it tops the list of priorities. It's an ongoing search for the safest way of managing buildings and the procedures are constantly being finetuned. We talked to an experienced building manager from London about the safety challenges "multi-tenant building" managers face and about how technology can help them in their task.

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Case Office Box 3square village

Reception with a smile at 3Square

Three cube-shaped buildings which contain no fewer than 16 companies and which are the location for numerous meetings, seminars and training events on a daily basis: that's 3Square. In a dynamic environment such as this, reception serves a key function. We talked about it with facility manager Frederic Beyens.

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