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Samsung Experience Store

Samsung pampers customers with a Bringme Box experience


Samsung has initiated a new concept by opening an Experience Store in Wijnegem and Utrecht. These stores make it possible for customers to test the latest Galaxy products themselves, have their device repaired incredibly quickly, participate in workshops, and much more. To enhance the customer experience even more, Samsung provides a Bringme Box that surprises customers with an additional gift.

Samsung Bringme Box

Bringme as a part of the Experience Store

Every customer that purchases something in the store receives an additional gift from Samsung. The Experience Store is completely set up to provide a unique customer experience where it quickly became apparent that providing the Bringme Box is an original manner of conveying it to the customer.

How it works

Samsung places the gifts in the Bringme Box and receives a unique QR code. This is passed on to the customer who scans it on the box. One of the many compartments then opens and the customer can take out the parcel.

Ultimate design for the ultimate customer experience

The Bringme Box has high-quality compartments that are finished with a mirrored rear panel, stainless-steel strips that remind one of the old Louis Vuitton suitcases, and green LED lighting that provide the ultimate customer experience.

Parcel in the Bringme Box
"Samsung wants the Bringme Box to provide customers with a really good feeling when they visit the Experience Store. The fun additional gift ensures that our customers leave the store with a smile. And the surprise factor is that you don’t know what door will open, which adds to the entertainment value. Exceeding consumer expectations is an important KPI for Samsung and the Bringme Box will certainly contribute to this goal,” explained Griet Brantegem from Samsung

Want to install the Bringme Box in your store?