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Open Space Group

Open Space: the new learning arena for IT experts

Bring passionate developers together in an open atmosphere at an inspiring location and the space will soon be too small for the overload of ideas. During Software Crafting & Testing Open Space, developers had the opportunity to throw their topics to the IT lions within Bringme’s creative arena.

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Screenshot Skateboard

Five ways to improve office ergonomics

A healthy lifestyle doesn't stop when you leave the house. Also – and especially – at work it should be high up on your to-do list. Time and time again, research has shown that good posture at the office is at least as important as daily exercise. We're listing off a few practical solutions.

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Interns at Bringme

Intern in the heart of Leuven

For 12 weeks Ruben, Sebastien, Viktor and Luïs joined forces with the Bringme team, located in the heart of Leuven. Each of them has his own field of study and background, but all are equally Bringme. This is the story of four young and ambitious interns growing together with an ambitious growth company.

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Woman at standing desk

Standing desks: hip or handy?

Sitting is the new [insert unhealthy habit here]. That’s why we tried something different: standing desks. Working while standing has been hip for a while now, but does it work? Hype or future? We did the test.

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Street in Leuven

Livin' in Leuven

Leuven's hot, there's no need to tell Leuven natives that. But how does the average inhabitant of Antwerp feel? Or someone who lives in Brussels? Or a Dutch person? Although there are some thoroughbred Leuveners in the Bringme ranks, most of us hail from outside of Leuven—or even outside of Belgium. That's why we asked Eva, who moved here from the Netherlands, for her opinion.

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Jo Vandebergh at Bringme office

Looking back on going forward really fast - part 2

In part 1 we read how – through his fascinating journey – Jo Vandebergh got the inspiration of what would later become Bringme’s very foundation. Part 2 takes us 10 years back in time to the early days of what would later become Bringme and provides us with a thrilling glimpse of the vision behind the brand. A must-read for anyone who wants to understand Bringme.

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