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Jo Vandebergh at Bringme office

Looking back on going forward really fast - part 2

In part 1 we read how – through his fascinating journey – Jo Vandebergh got the inspiration of what would later become Bringme’s very foundation. Part 2 takes us 10 years back in time to the early days of what would later become Bringme and provides us with a thrilling glimpse of the vision behind the brand. A must-read for anyone who wants to understand Bringme.

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Cars Jo

Looking back on going forward really fast - part 1

At Bringme, we'd rather look ahead than back, but for once we don't mind making an exception. We talked to our CEO Jo Vandebergh about the kick of complexity and the cocktail of daring and versatility. Part 1 starts at the time when the 18-year-old Jo leaves school to become an entrepreneur and ends with Bringme's very beginning. A life story that reads like a thriller.

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Over Carrot Cake

About carrot cake, Belarus, and a student job at Bringme

Student workers are also a part of Bringme. We have a regular contingent of them and, every year, they work for us on a daily basis. Sofia Smorscek is one of those familiar faces. She tells us all about what it means to work at Bringme as a student.

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Patricia 3

Colourful characters at Bringme

The team at Bringme is a motley mix of diverse characters. We have a variety of individuals, with many different skillls. The diversity is clear in everyone’s character, background story and culture. Our team includes 60 people of 17 different nationalities. Our team is extremely proud of this fact! Each person has their own, unique story.

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A Day At Bringme

Flexibility of Human Resources

Bringme has recently introduced the Flexible Income Plan for its employees. What exactly is 'FIP'? And why does it fit in so well for a fast-growing company like Bringme? We spoke to HR about it.

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