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Five ways to improve office ergonomics

A healthy lifestyle doesn't stop when you leave the house. Also – and especially – at work it should be high up on your to-do list. Time and time again, research has shown that good posture at the office is at least as important as daily exercise. We're listing off a few practical solutions.

As we're all spending more and more time at our jobs, we're increasingly realizing the importance of also paying attention to our health during office hours. After all, one hour of exercise doesn't make up for an entire working day. We looked for solutions that anyone could attain. And because we don't want to be selfish with our findings, we're happy to share them.

1. Standing desks

We've already written a post about our standing desks. Yep, we're still fans. Standing instead of sitting isn't only good for your health, it also stimulates concentration and improves productivity. Also, did you know that you have more energy left at the end of the day than when you spent it sitting down? Win-win.

2. A chair that's just right

Of course, you can't spend all day standing up, which is why a good chair is just as important. At Bringme, we tested an entire arsenal of chairs before democratically choosing for a model that worked for everybody. Special attention was paid to our colleagues with back problems, they received chairs by Herman Miller. Ever since, we've all been sitting that little bit more comfortably than before.

3. “Hip" headsets

An average working day contains quite a few phone calls. To avoid clenching our phones between our ear and shoulder every day – which causes stiff necks – we work with headsets at Bringme. Of course, we don't wear them the entire day. But they are ideal to use for a scheduled call. Plus, they keep your hands free for taking notes. Okay, we'll admit, they might not be superhip, but they do look professional.

4. 1626 steps

At Bringme, we're huge Slack-fans. We all send and receive a decent number of Slack messages on any given day. Still we're convinced that, when you really need an answer to a question, it's best to just stop by your colleague's desk. It just so happens that our office is ideal for anyone looking to get in shape: no lift, but a good amount of stairs. Did you know that fifteen minutes of taking the stairs burns more calories than 30 minutes of jogging? We asked our Office Manager to keep track of the amount of stairs she went up and down for a day. It turned out to be no less than 1626 steps a day. A point of comparison: climbing the Eiffel Tower takes 1710 steps. So, not far from the top! :)

5. Sports in the office

We have quite a few sports players: a whole lot of runners, tennis players, boxers, skaters, horseback riders, … even a bodybuilder and a sprinter. So, why not organize sports at work? Recently, a pilates-instructor joined Bringme, so Pilates at the office sounds like a sporty next step. We'll let you know if it catches on.