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Bringme Box in office

How much money could a virtual reception area save your company?

What does a receptionist cost? And what does a virtual, unmanned reception cost? Discover what the automation of reception area tasks can yield for your company.

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Receptionist with a sloppy reception area

Parcels lying around at the reception area can damage your company’s image

A reception area must be well organised and orderly, but parcels lying around lead to a sloppy impression that damages your company's image. A parcel drop box can take care of your concerns.

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Standing businessman waiting

How to improve your visitor experience? Avoid these 5 frustrations!

Does the visitor registration of your company run as smoothly as you think? How your visitors are received and how efficient your sign in system is, determines how they feel during the rest of the visit. Avoid these 5 frustrations to create a positive visitor experience.

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Digitale Receptie

7 steps to go from a classic reception desk to a modern virtual reception service

The operation of the reception desk has barely changed in recent decades. The mail is processed daily, phones are answered, and visitors are greeted. Receptionists also fill their working day with accepting, signing, and storing deliveries and parcels and notifying employees. The operational costs are significant because someone must be behind the reception desk, even in cases of illness and leave.

These 7 steps will help you build a virtual reception desk that reduces costs by 80 percent.

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Happiness At Work

This is what makes your staff the happiest

Research by sociologist Ignace Glorieux has shown that the one factor that does the most to keep your staff happy is time. So how can you serve more of this happiness hormone as an employer? Which additional time benefits will make your staff happier and more productive? These five benefits are guaranteed to provide a win-win situation for both your employees and your business.

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Amber - Receptionist to Office Coordinator

How the digital reception transformed Amber’s job as a receptionist

Receptionists are the face of your business, but what if the tasks associated with this position are all automated? Amber Kempeneers, receptionist for a multi-tenant building, evolved into the position of Office Coordinator after the reception functions were automated. We sat down to hear her story about how it’s done.

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