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CEO Joeri Vanhumbeeck at the smart parcel box of Bringme

This is how Carconnex' virtual reception works

Sometimes we get feedback about how Bringme is really suited to large companies with hundreds of employees. It’s true. We don’t deny it. More and more larger companies are beginning to understand the benefits of Bringme. But does that mean that a Bringme Box is unattainable for a small business? Absolutely not. ‘Only’ 28 people work at Carconnex in Tienen. Yet Bringme Box helps them to work more efficiently. CEO Joeri Vanhumbeeck explains how they do it.

A first impression often says a lot. Carconnex isn't a Tienen SME that just so happens to be bursting at the seams. Carconnex is active in five countries, “so why this location?" I ask CEO JoeriVanhumbeeck. "Because our guys don't have to deal with too many traffic jams." The tone is set; Joeri is a man after my own heart.

Carconnex building
Smart parcel box of Bringme in the entrance of Carconnex

But let's start at the beginning: What is Carconnex?

"Carconnex was founded in 2003. We buy new and buy-back cars and sell them on to car dealers. That's been about 10,000 cars a year since 2008, mainly in five countries. We buy the cars from 27 different countries, with 6 buyers. 28 people work with us."

Wow, impressive numbers for only 28 employees. How do you connect these people to Carconnex?

"We ask our employees to commit themselves completely to us, so we believe that we should do something in return. We try to make the eight or nine hours that they spend here as comfortable as possible. For example, that's why we chose Tienen as a location: so that our staff don't have to spend much time in traffic jams. We also offer them the chance to eat in our canteen at lunchtime. We pay for the chef. Our employees just pay for quality ingredients at very reasonable prices.

You can also tell by the way we've dressed our office: with as much natural light as possible, pleasant colours and beautiful furniture. The Bringme Box fits this concept perfectly. People have families but very little free time. They can't get anything delivered to their homes because they're hardly ever there. That's why Steven and I came up with the idea installing a Bringme Box."

I totally believe in your good intentions, but something tells me that there's another reason too...

"Ok, ok,... (laughs). Over the last year, we've received more and more private deliveries. The delivery guys often come upstairs. Not just for the car keys or papers, but also for private orders, print paper or ink cartridges. My office is next to the stairs so that I can see all the deliveries that come in. I started counting the number of people who come upstairs. Sometimes it can be up to 35 different people. Apart from being a nuisance, it's also distracting for our employees. OK so you only lose a few minutes, but that's per person, per delivery. That can add up pretty quickly. The office has to have a pleasant atmosphere, but there shouldn't be too much external disturbance. On the other hand, if you ban private parcels and people have to leave work early to be on time for a delivery, then you've got a problem."

So you've chosen a Bringme Box. And you created a Bringme room?

“Thank you, we chose a white box because all the furniture downstairs is white. And we put it in a separate office. It looks stunning behind the glass wall, but it's still in a closed room. We're going to dress the area so that it almost becomes a Bringme room. It makes people curious, offers privacy to our employees when they are collecting their parcels and it just looks really good."

What do you mostly use the box for?

“We try to centralize both the private and the company deliveries to the Bringme Box. A lot of car keys and papers will end up being delivered to the Bringme Box. That's why we put it downstairs in the entrance hall, so that couriers and suppliers can access it easily, without needing to enter our offices."

You said you're an Internet customer. What do you normally buy online?

"Basically I buy everything online except clothes. I'm not home that much due to my busy work schedule. So if I'm with my family at the weekend, I don't want to waste time running from one shop to another. We also order our groceries online, while other people spend an hour or two plodding about the shops. Once you start ordering online, you'll always do it."

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