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Employee at Impextraco

No reception, no mailroom. And yet it works.

Impextraco is a Belgian SME with international appeal and an eye for innovation. In this blog post, you'll find out how the company—despite strict safety regulations—manages to automate its facility services to allow the 40 employees to focus on what's really important.

As we approach Heist-op-den-Berg, we are graciously greeted by waving trees, staring cows, and a thoughtful farmer keeping as far to the right of the road as possible. There's nothing to suggest that we've got an appointment here with an innovative Belgian company that sells its products in no fewer than 90 countries. Impextraco is active in the animal feed industry and is a pioneer in state-of-the-art technologies. That much is obvious as we walk up to the front door of the main office in Heist-op-den-Berg. There's no reception. No one to be found. We're warmly welcomed by the digital reception. It works perfectly, and in no time Bram Vranckx, Impextraco's marketing manager, is ready to show us around the company and answer our questions. Such as this one:


Why did you opt for a completely digital reception?

We're not a big company and that's why we want to deploy our employees as efficiently as possible. We went looking for a convenient solution for our reception without having to staff it. In addition, we're a Seveso company. That means we work with dangerous substances requiring extra safety measures. One of those requirements is that we have to constantly keep track of everyone walking in or out of the building. The digital reception was the perfect solution.

Are couriers and suppliers required to check in every time, too?

They used to be. We don't just have to keep track of everyone who walks in here, but also of what comes in and goes out of the building. That's why our accounting department took delivery of all the parcels and brought them to the right person in the building. They had to move around a whole lot for every delivery and that took up a huge chunk of their time. We wanted to avoid that, but we also wanted our deliveries to take place in a controlled manner. When we heard about Bringme, we knew: this is it!

White Bringme Box

How does the logistical process work now?

Thanks to the Bringme Box, the courier doesn't have to enter the building and our accountants don't have to go to reception for every delivery. Actually, everyone wins: the safety regulations aren't compromised and everything works a lot more efficiently for everyone. We now also have everything delivered to the Bringme Box: private parcels, business packages, or even machine parts.

How do the employees experience this new service?

They love it! To put it briefly, they think it's easy, practical, and fast. Especially for the people in accounting, it's a huge timesaver. The privacy involved is also very much appreciated. By the way, I myself think the box is very convenient and communication is crystal-clear. When I order something I know exactly when it's going to be delivered.

Would you recommend Bringme to other SMEs?

Without a second thought. The Bringme Box really is a valuable extra employee service. Especially if you're a relatively small company, like we are, and you can put the box to a variety of uses and truly make the most of it. That's particularly true if Bringme can be integrated into your business model. There's no doubt in my mind that Bringme can be a real asset in other small or medium-sized enterprises.