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Reception filled with parcels

Why the costs of every reception are too high

According to a recent PwC report, 45% of work-related tasks can be automated. But how do you select the right tasks and where can you save most? The answer is simple and located at your company's doorstep: automate your reception. Because nearly all reception tasks are repetitive and time-consuming. Let's start with the numbers.

Visitor management: 35%

Receiving visitors and couriers and showing them around: receptionists have their hands full with them. Imagine how much time they'd have if these tasks were—literally—taken off their hands?

Receiving suppliers and parcels: 30%

Registering parcels, storing them safely, contacting the right person, hand-overs … Add to that the phone calls, e-mails, texts, and reminders. You do the math.

Internal logistics: 15%

Staff like to use the reception desk as a transfer conduit: they leave equipment or documents for colleagues or drop off their parcels to have them shipped. Landing the receptionist with a lot of work. And they've got better things to do, don't they?

Phone calls and administration: 20%

Putting through calls, small admin tasks, staff who want to shoot the breeze or have questions. Receptionists are interrupted continuously during work. Not exactly productive …

This repetitive work takes up almost all of the average receptionist's time. Day in, day out. But things could be different. In no more than 2 steps, you can ensure your receptionist will, from now on, be carrying out tasks that have higher added value for your company. How do you go about it?