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Ceo Jo Vandebergh

Companies create a completely new visitor experience thanks to the Bringme Desk

Jo Vandebergh, Chief Enabling Officer

With the Bringme Box, we offer a fantastic solution for the automation of company deliveries, but the reception of your visitors is just as important. After all, every visitor can become a customer or real ambassador of your company. This is the main idea behind the Bringme Desk concept. We want to offer companies the solution to creating a unique visitor experience, as well as lowering the operational costs of their reception.

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People waiting at reception

Avoid these 7 mistakes when receiving visitors in your company

According to a study by Cebr, 40% of those visiting companies believe that a bad experience during their visit means they are less likely to do business. A customer-friendly reception is therefore crucial and prevents the loss of potential clients. Give visitors an unforgettable customer experience by avoiding these 7 errors.

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Bart Vercoutere Box Ertzberg

How important is the Bringme Box in the fight against climate change? Really important.

Bart Vercoutere, Hardware Director at Bringme, not to mention former director of i-Cleantech Flanders, board member of Natuurpunt and chairman of the board of experts for Leuven2030, explains the role of the Bringme Box in the transition towards a low-carbon community.

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Old entrance hall

7 shortcomings of the contemporary residential entrance

In a time of constant innovation, is it not surprising that residential building entrances have not changed over the last fifty years? The current systems do not communicate with one another - separate letterboxes, doorbell panel, intercom in the apartments, many keys and locks and a price tag between £900 and £1,350 per apartment. Yet despite this considerable investment, the entrance no longer meets the needs of residents.

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Store sign saying "Open"

3 ways in which a parcel delivery box can increase visitor numbers

Retailers are faced with a gigantic challenge. The number of visitors to physical shops is dwindling considerably. In the US Amazon has already taken action in order to guide online shoppers to their shops by installing lockers in which customers can have their parcels delivered. This meant visitor numbers increased by 4% compared to shops without lockers. 50 to 60% of these online shoppers actually make an extra purchase. These three new services will prove to be the ideal traffic generators.

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Women greeted

The digital reception: unattended and impersonal?

Very often, in a company environment, we associate hospitality with a friendly receptionist who greets and assists visitors. An unmanned and automated reception seems to be the exact opposite of the concept of customer-friendliness. Nevertheless more and more companies are opting for a visitor management system without receptionist, not only because of cost-saving but mainly because of the following three valid reasons:

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