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Cluj landscape

Cluj, the new centre of Europe?

Setting up shop in Romania: not really a self-evident move for a young tech company. And yet—one year after the fact—we couldn't be happier with our office there. The traditional idea one might have of Romania certainly doesn't apply to Cluj. Discover how this city in Transylvania grew into one of Europe's biggest tech hubs in no time at all.

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Bringme in London

Why student accommodation Liberty Plaza can no longer go without the Bringme Box

Students these days know the digital world like the back of their hand. It’s not surprising that they’re big on online ordering. And it’s definitely not surprising that the most active Bringme users are… students. What is it that draws them to Bringme? We went to student accommodation Liberty Plaza in the heart of London, to ask two of its residents this question.

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Residence Melopee Antwerp

Why a progressive property developer chooses Bringme

More and more companies are choosing Bringme. But forward thinking developers are also onto this innovation. Gands is one such developer. We asked CEO Stéphane Verbeeck for his vision of housing in the future.

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Interns at Bringme

Intern in the heart of Leuven

For 12 weeks Ruben, Sebastien, Viktor and Luïs joined forces with the Bringme team, located in the heart of Leuven. Each of them has his own field of study and background, but all are equally Bringme. This is the story of four young and ambitious interns growing together with an ambitious growth company.

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Woman at standing desk

Standing desks: hip or handy?

Sitting is the new [insert unhealthy habit here]. That’s why we tried something different: standing desks. Working while standing has been hip for a while now, but does it work? Hype or future? We did the test.

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Opening hours six times longer

Leuven, city of students. The tens of thousands of members of the KU Leuven (university of Leuven) are welcome at Limel, for all their audiovisual needs. Providing good service to that many people is no mean feat. That’s why Limel called for reinforcement: these days the Bringme Box is standing in as a lending service. That means customers can now pick up equipment and bring it back all throughout the day, while Limel employees' to-do lists have been shortened substantially. And those aren’t even all the advantages.

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