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Bringme Box in office

This is how you make money with Bringme

Some companies are in doubt about installing a Bringme Box because of the price. So we thought it was time for some figures. Based on one of our customers we whipped out our calculators and worked out how much a Bringme Box brings in, instead of what it costs.

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Rotterdam city view

92 companies under one roof: Bringme helps keeping things on track

In recent years, the port city and metropolis of Rotterdam has also become a breeding ground for innovative entrepreneurship. The Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship (ECE) houses almost 100 companies which together form a community of driven entrepreneurs. These six floors are simply bursting with innovation and our Bringme Box feels like a fish in the harbour water there. We went to take a look.

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Employee at Impextraco

No reception, no mailroom. And yet it works.

Impextraco is a Belgian SME with international appeal and an eye for innovation. In this blog post, you'll find out how the company—despite strict safety regulations—manages to automate its facility services to allow the 40 employees to focus on what's really important.

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Jo Vandebergh at Bringme office

Looking back on going forward really fast - part 2

In part 1 we read how – through his fascinating journey – Jo Vandebergh got the inspiration of what would later become Bringme’s very foundation. Part 2 takes us 10 years back in time to the early days of what would later become Bringme and provides us with a thrilling glimpse of the vision behind the brand. A must-read for anyone who wants to understand Bringme.

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Cars Jo

Looking back on going forward really fast - part 1

At Bringme, we'd rather look ahead than back, but for once we don't mind making an exception. We talked to our CEO Jo Vandebergh about the kick of complexity and the cocktail of daring and versatility. Part 1 starts at the time when the 18-year-old Jo leaves school to become an entrepreneur and ends with Bringme's very beginning. A life story that reads like a thriller.

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7 Redenen Onderwijs 1 Capture

Why educational institutions choose Bringme

For educational institutions, it's becoming increasingly important to ensure—in addition to an excellent education—good service and hospitality. The Bringme Box offers a solution in the guise of a nice benefit for employee and a great complementary service for students. By now, our Bringme Boxes have been installed in over 10 colleges and universities in Belgium and the Netherlands. And not just any colleges: KU Leuven, Thomas More, and Wageningen University are already using the Bringme Box. Read about their seven main reasons are to choose Bringme.

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