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Why educational institutions choose Bringme

For educational institutions, it's becoming increasingly important to ensure—in addition to an excellent education—good service and hospitality. The Bringme Box offers a solution in the guise of a nice benefit for employee and a great complementary service for students. By now, our Bringme Boxes have been installed in over 10 colleges and universities in Belgium and the Netherlands. And not just any colleges: KU Leuven, Thomas More, and Wageningen University are already using the Bringme Box. Read about their seven main reasons are to choose Bringme.

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Bringme - Smart parcel box in the entrance hall of Barco Kortrijk

How Barco optimizes the work-life balance of its employees

Tucked away in the greenery in Kortrijk lies a brilliant feat of architecture: the Barco One Campus. Barco was founded in 1934, but in the past few decades it has become a leading worldwide player in the world of high-tech. Passion for innovation is at the heart of the company's policies. And yet, with Sabine Bouckaert, Program Manager of the Barco One Campus, we mainly talked about ... people.

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Apotheek Blindeman Ciska

Smart collection point extends opening hours of Pharmacy Blindeman Ciska

When it comes to your trusted pharmacist, nothing is as important as personal contact. And that's exactly what Apotheek Blindeman believes in. For over 30 years, loyal customers have been able to come to Annemie van de Rostyne with their ailments. But time hasn't stood still here either. Behold the beautifully renovated business in Ghent. The wonderfully incorporated Bringme Box is without a doubt the crowning glory.

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Over Carrot Cake

About carrot cake, Belarus, and a student job at Bringme

Student workers are also a part of Bringme. We have a regular contingent of them and, every year, they work for us on a daily basis. Sofia Smorscek is one of those familiar faces. She tells us all about what it means to work at Bringme as a student.

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Patricia 3

Colourful characters at Bringme

The team at Bringme is a motley mix of diverse characters. We have a variety of individuals, with many different skillls. The diversity is clear in everyone’s character, background story and culture. Our team includes 60 people of 17 different nationalities. Our team is extremely proud of this fact! Each person has their own, unique story.

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On our way to 50% less CO2

Every time you order something online, you set a logistical machine in motion. We aren’t always conscious of the couriers driving tens of thousands of miles every day... with our parcels. Bringme is doing everything it can to reduce the harmful CO2 emissions by half. Here's how.

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