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Real estate advisor Alexandra Gevers

“With this success formula I sell an apartment every 48 hours”

As a property consultant in the area around Brussels, I am increasingly asked why the sale of our new construction projects runs so smoothly. I'll share with you my success formula.

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The sticking points when it comes to new-build apartments according to buyers

What do buyers care about when it comes to buying new-build apartments? Avoid these five points during your construction project to help you sell quicker.

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Bringme Digital Concierge Featured

Why are so many developers switching to a digital concierge in new building projects?

More and more property developers are including a digital concierge as the norm in their residential projects. Discover 5 reasons why.

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Investment in apartment

These are the 5 investment criteria for new apartments, according to investors

New apartments are an interesting investment, but not all of them satisfy investors’ requirements. Your building project must meet the following 5 criteria.

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Woman Scanning Key At Bringme Bell V2

Why every residential complex should have a smart doorbell

Many apartment buildings still have a traditional doorbell, which no longer meets the standards of modern residential comfort. That's why developers are deciding to invest in smart doorbells. But what are the benefits of a smart doorbell?

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Old entrance hall

7 shortcomings of the contemporary residential entrance

In a time of constant innovation, is it not surprising that residential building entrances have not changed over the last fifty years? The current systems do not communicate with one another - separate letterboxes, doorbell panel, intercom in the apartments, many keys and locks and a price tag between £900 and £1,350 per apartment. Yet despite this considerable investment, the entrance no longer meets the needs of residents.

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