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Bringme in London

Why student accommodation Liberty Plaza can no longer go without the Bringme Box

Students these days know the digital world like the back of their hand. It’s not surprising that they’re big on online ordering. And it’s definitely not surprising that the most active Bringme users are… students. What is it that draws them to Bringme? We went to student accommodation Liberty Plaza in the heart of London, to ask two of its residents this question.

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Opening hours six times longer

Leuven, city of students. The tens of thousands of members of the KU Leuven (university of Leuven) are welcome at Limel, for all their audiovisual needs. Providing good service to that many people is no mean feat. That’s why Limel called for reinforcement: these days the Bringme Box is standing in as a lending service. That means customers can now pick up equipment and bring it back all throughout the day, while Limel employees' to-do lists have been shortened substantially. And those aren’t even all the advantages.

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Signpost Bringme

La Dolce Vita... in England

What happens when 617 students live together under the same roof in a large London student complex? Well, in addition to Breakfast Clubs, cocktail events and parties being organized, around 1,400 parcels a week are delivered, and that means a Bringme Box comes in right handy. Just have a look at Liberty Plaza's story.

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Why educational institutions choose Bringme

For educational institutions, it's becoming increasingly important to ensure—in addition to an excellent education—good service and hospitality. The Bringme Box offers a solution in the guise of a nice benefit for employee and a great complementary service for students. By now, our Bringme Boxes have been installed in over 10 colleges and universities in Belgium and the Netherlands. And not just any colleges: KU Leuven, Thomas More, and Wageningen University are already using the Bringme Box. Read about their seven main reasons are to choose Bringme.

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Agora Interview 1

How the oldest university proves to be the most innovative

The KU Leuven is one of the oldest universities in Europe. But that doesn’t mean it’s out-dated, as last year’s decision to allow all 40,000 students to use Bringme proves. Great move! We’re wondering how the students have found their first few Bringme weeks, so we head off to the learning centre Agora, where there’s a Bringme Box, and more than 10,000 students passing by every month.

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