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Bringme Box in office

How much money could a virtual reception area save your company?

What does a receptionist cost? And what does a virtual, unmanned reception cost? Discover what the automation of reception area tasks can yield for your company.

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Reception filled with parcels

Why the costs of every reception are too high

According to a recent PwC report, 45% of work-related tasks can be automated. But how do you select the right tasks and where can you save most? The answer is simple and located at your company's doorstep: automate your reception. Because nearly all reception tasks are repetitive and time-consuming. Let's start with the numbers.

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Bringme Box in trendy setting

Living and working: are you up-to-date?

New ways of living and working have outgrown the concept stage. As in other fields, developments are happening in quick succession. Are you still with it? We keep close track of all construction and real estate trends: here's what's going on!

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Buildings in London

At the cradle of Europe's largest innovation hub.

In bustling East London, there's a very special multi-tenant building. Here East's mammoth campus takes up no less than 1.2 million square metres and was built as a media centre for the 2012 Olympics. Meanwhile, the location has been transformed into a breeding ground for innovation and creativity. As "coincidence" would have it, a Bringme Box was recently installed. We paid them a visit.

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Office buildings London

How Bringme contributes to the safety of office buildings in London

Safety has never been more important than today. In big cities, especially, it tops the list of priorities. It's an ongoing search for the safest way of managing buildings and the procedures are constantly being finetuned. We talked to an experienced building manager from London about the safety challenges "multi-tenant building" managers face and about how technology can help them in their task.

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White Bringme Box in office

In 2019, your company can no longer go without a Bringme Box.

2018 has come to an end. It's been a pretty exciting year for us here at Bringme. Over the holidays, no fewer than 1000 companies had access to a Bringme Box. In this piece, our CEO Jo Vandebergh looks back on why companies are all choosing for our system and he looks forward on why there isn't a single company left with an excuse not to in 2019.

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