Welcome couriers and visitors automatically in your company

The Bringme Box accepts deliveries, signs for receipt and automatically informs the recipient: a true digital reception. You can also hand over documents or equipment to colleagues, as well as sending and returning business and private parcels. And all this is done automatically, in a traceable way and 24/7.

Your virtual reception does it all on your behalf

Your virtual reception does it all on your behalf

With Bringme you can save up to 80% of your reception’s and employees’ time by automating repetitive tasks, such as taking care of deliveries as well as the related communication and handing over parcels to the right person.

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Smart self-service for couriers and parcels

Smart self-service for couriers and parcels

Couriers and suppliers sign themselves in

No need for anyone to be present when couriers or suppliers arrive to deliver or pick up parcels. Providing a signature and taking care of the further handling of the parcels is all done automatically.

Every parcel in the right hands

From the courier via the digital postbox directly into the hands of the employee. No more discussions, no privacy issues, no lost parcels.

Real-time communication

All communication is fully automatic and occurs directly with your employees. No more useless tasks: no need to track recipients, no mails to be sent, no forgotten reminders.

Bringme allows your staff to ...


Receive online orders and parcels when it is convenient to them


Send business and private parcels


Return goods to any web shop

Hand over

Hand over goods or documents to a colleague

Share something

Leave something for someone and provide the recipient with a one-off collection code

Arrange a pick-up

With Send & Collect a courier passes by to collect all shipments

Shipment via the Bringme Box

Shipment via the Bringme Box

With Send & Collect you can easily send your parcels and mails and return goods. In other words: you’ll never need to go to the post office again.

Your personal assistant

The Bringme Box comes with a convenient app that manages everything for you. Available for smartphone and desktop.

  • Keyless Access

    Use your personal access code
  • Notifications

    Receive a confirmation message when your parcel is delivered
  • Track & Trace

    Track deliveries and shipments in real time
Mobile Tablet

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Your Bringme Box is open all the time. No closing hours, no lunch breaks, no coffee breaks.

Award winning design

Bringme's virtual reception really stands out, wherever you put it.

Secure handover

Your Bringme Box ensures that all your shipments are done quickly, safely and in a traceable way. Even between colleagues.


The app keeps you informed of all logistical activity. Discussions, fraud and loss are a thing of the past.

Less traffic

Orders are combined and there are no home deliveries. Meaning less journeys, less CO2 and better air quality.


Private purchases remain private, from the delivery right up until they are handed over to the employee, which is impossible when using the reception or post room.

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