Smart postbox and much more

The Bringme Box has an intuitive XL touchscreen, hypersensitive detection, stainless steel conductors, built-in LED lighting, NFC technology, a reflective back wall in the compartments… God is in the details.


The base

For your company or real estate project. Black or white.

  • Bringme Box 10

    Basic box with 10 compartments for companies and organisations.
  • Bringme Box 20

    Basic box with XXL compartment for companies and organisations.
  • Bringme Box Residential

    The all-in-one solution for residential projects.

Always extendable

You can extend the basic model at any time to suit your needs and activities.

Award-winning design

Award-winning design

Bringme has achieved international recognition and has won not only the Henry van de Velde Award, but also the IF Design Award and the Red Dot Award. This digital reception draws your attention, wherever you put it.

Brimming with technology

  • Hypersensitive detection

    The hypersensitive detection system scans the entire space in the electronic lockers and guarantees faultless operation and secure utilisation of the postbox system.
  • User-friendly touchscreen

    Operates interactively and in four languages: literally any courier, service provider, customer or supplier can deliver to the parcel box.
  • Communication platform

    The digital reception is connected to an app which takes care of communication with users.

Configure your own box

Configure your own Bringme Box with our handy configurator and receive a customised quotation.
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