The all-in-one solution for your projects

A doorbell. Access control. A parcel box. A postbox. Security cameras. Bringme combines all of this in a single smart solution. A considerable cost saving in your developments.

The smart doorbell in your apartments

The smart doorbell in your apartments

Gone are the days of the traditional intercom. The smart doorbell notifies residents on their smartphone and allows them to unlock doors. Even when they are not home. Always a successful delivery from couriers. Fast. Safe. Automatic.

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Less construction costs, more home comfort

Less construction costs, more home comfort

No more separate doorbell panels or letter boxes. No more individual systems which do not communicate with each other. No more installing of a myriad of cables. No more subcontractors to deal with. Bringme is an integrated solution which increases the home comfort and lowers the construction costs of your project.
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Respond to the needs of your residents

Respond to the needs of your residents

Stay informed of who’s at your door

Wherever you are. Whoever is ringing the bell. Directly on your smartphone.

Use your smartphone as your key

Unlock the front door. Open your box. Even remotely. And let in your house cleaner when you're not at home.

Receive parcels when you are out

Every delivery. Even if there’s nobody home. Bringme signs on your behalf.

No more unnecessary trips to the postbox

Received a letter? Then you will be notified via the Bringme app.

Your personal assistant

The Bringme Box comes with a convenient app that manages everything for you. Available for smartphone and desktop.

  • Smart doorbell

    Know who’s at your door wherever you happen to be
  • Notifications

    Receive a message in real time for every delivery
  • Unique access code

    Scan your unique code and gain secure access to your Box
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We're convinced that YUST's added value is not just contained in the construction, but also and especially in the services we can create around the home.
  •  Stéphane Verbeeck, CEO  Gands
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6 extra reasons to request a quote right now

25% less building costs

No separate installations: no more need for a set of bells and intercoms, no cables to be placed, no separate postboxes, no cameras or lighting to install

More comfortable living

The digital assistant creates an in-house hotel feeling for your residents.

Award-winning design

The ageless design of the Bringme box stands out in your entrance hall.

The new standard

Perfect for every project: whether it’s 1 or 100 apartments.

Make your project eco-friendly

Fewer CO2 emissions, less traffic and less air pollution: you will contribute to a pleasant and comfortable environment.

Ready for the new legislation

Include a Bringme Box in your plans and you will already be future-proof.