Always home. Even when you’re not.

High Definition videophone allowing residents to remotely lock and unlock the door via their smartphone. Smart access control for couriers. Direct access for the postman. One-key access for residents. The Bringme Bell: an intelligent access control tool for residences.


The smart doorbell

See, hear and talk to visitors via your smartphone

The HD video channel allows you to see and speak with visitors before authorising access remotely

Secured access for couriers and maintenance

Only couriers and maintenance suppliers are given access to the entrance hall. Ensuring safety.


The Bringme Key opens doors, private letterboxes and parcel compartments. No more searching for the right key.

The all-in-one solution

The all-in-one solution

Works seamlessly with the Bringme Box

Delivery and retrieval of parcels with the Bringme Box, even if the recipient is not present. No more missed deliveries.

Also on the front door of the apartment

With the Bringme Lock on the apartment door, the resident can open and close it remotely.

Straight-forward management

The building manager can easily register and deregister residents and tenants using the Bringme Manager.

Your personal assistant

Bringme comes with a very intuitive app which takes care of everything for you. Available online and on mobile.

  • Always connected

    Enables HD video two-way communication with visitors, wherever you may be.
  • Secured courier access

    Check every courier and supplier who rings the bell.
  • Open the door remotely

    Use your smartphone to allow access to the building.
Mobile Tablet
I was surprised about how easy it was to work with Bringme. Couldn’t be simpler
  • Gerarda Van de Velde (85 years old) - resident at De Ark
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