Bringme Box Residential

The Bringme Box has an intuitive XL touchscreen, hypersensitive detection, stainless steel conductors, built-in LED lighting, NFC technology, a reflective back wall in the compartments… God is in the details.

For every real estate project

... there is a Bringme Box. Made to measure. White or black.

From 6 apartments

But it could also easily be 1000.

New build or existing

The box feels at home anywhere.

Tailored to your project.

Easily extendable.

Award winning design

Award winning design

The timeless design is an eye catcher in any building: the touch screen is flush with the doors, with mirrored back walls inside and SS guides on the base of the compartments. God is in the details.

A Bringme Box in your project in 1, 2, 3

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