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KU Leuven lending service now open six times longer

Students with video project

Too busy to lend

Students come knocking on Limel's door for all their audiovisual needs, like for film projects. And demand kept going up these last few years. To such an extent that the seven employees were so busy they didn't manage to carry out their core tasks anymore. The result was students had only two hours a day to pick up and return gear. Not exactly an ideal situation...

A transformed service

Ever since the Bringme Box was brought in, a lot of the pressure's off. The lending process is now fully automated: students can borrow equipment from 7.30 am to 7.30 pm. That means opening hours increased no less than six-fold. Borrowing and returning the equipment now flows much more smoothly, so it also gets used far more often. Recently, Limel has also begun using the Bringme Box to send equipment to nearby campuses. Bringing the lending service even closer to the students and avoiding unnecessary trips.

Students are well pleased: they feel the box makes borrowing significantly easier and they enjoy the faster service. Limel's staff quickly found out about Bringme's other advantages and now also regularly use the box for private orders.

The solution

Limel opted to have a Bringme Box put in because:

  • the automatic service desk automatically absorbs the flow of borrowing transactions
  • staff can focus on their core tasks
  • the available equipment is divided more evenly and used as much as possible
  • the system is secure and boasts a track-and-trace feature

About Limel

Limel acts as an educational video producer within KU Leuven and is an expert of moving images and sound in education. This versatile service, set up by KU Leuven, helps students with their audiovisual projects in different ways. They can call on Limel to borrow equipment like cameras and microphones and to participate in workshops. That way, the service assists students in developing their media projects in various ways.

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