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Bato Den Baron

Former post office becomes residential complex with smart in-house post office

The old post office in the centre of Dilbeek had already been empty since 2013 when it was saved from demolition by real estate developer Bato. Bato redeveloped the building into a residential project full of character and technology and in accordance with the BENOveren standard.

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Resident at De Ark

The most loyal Bringme users? Seniors!

Residences Twist and De Ark are part of the residential neighbourhood Tweewaters at the Vaartkom in Leuven. Both buildings were designed by top architect Stéphane Beel and includes 39 spacious, pioneering, certified service apartments for people aged 65 and over who are not reliant on care. How can the life of these active seniors be made as easy as possible? A digital concierge offers many possibilities, but is this high technological product not too complex for them?

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Smart box provides residents of VORM with more quality time

Dutch project developer VORM is always looking for new products to increase residents' comfort. In residence De Kroon, an urban project in Amsterdam, they installed a Bringme Box—a smart solution that lets residents receive parcels, even when they're not home.

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Stephane Verbeeck

Smart box thinks along with young urban millennials

Shared spaces. Alternative mobility. Energy-efficient washing machines. Project developer GANDS is seemingly effortlessly capitalizing on the newest trends and offering its young urban style community an impressive range of smart services. Of course, that includes a Bringme Box.

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