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Smart box thinks along with young urban millennials


Are you Young, Urban and Stylish?

Pioneering project YUST or "Young Urban Style" is a collaborative effort between REALIS and project developer GANDS and, to hear them tell it, the ultimate real estate formula of the future. They're focusing on affordable inner-city housing, located close to a number of hotspots and boasting a whole gamut of modern smart services. Care for the environment, mobility, and comfort are three of the project's cornerstones, and that's why YUST is always on the lookout for innovative, future-proof services.

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Hallway with white Bringme Box

Happiness comes in small parcels

At home everywhere and nowhere, always on the go. The growing group of twenty- and thirty-somethings relocating to cities are more mobile than ever before—and order online more than ever. The current parcel delivery options aren't really geared to this evolution yet. With the Bringme Box, millennials can receive parcels even when they're not home. Couriers deliver straight into the box, which signs for the parcel and keeps it safe. This saves everyone a lot of driving around. And in order to really fit in with the modern-day sharing economy, YUST has even made it accessible to local residents. A great example of corporate social responsibility.

The solution

In Bringme, YUST found an all-in-one solution that:

  • accepts parcels 24/7, a must for young urbans
  • contributes to the sharing economy and allows for local services
  • cuts backs carbon emissions and traffic congestion
  • boosts millennials' and local residents' sense of community

About YUST

YUST, short for Young Urban Style, is Belgian project developer GANDS's millennial-oriented housing concept. This generation takes longer to start a family, seeks out a deeper connection with its urban environment, and prefers sustainable services. YUST is banking on these needs by providing compact city lofts featuring unique smart services, such as electric bike rental and connected washing machines. These innovative services are combined into one compact app.

Curious to see how the Bringme Box fits into your project?

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