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Resident at De Ark

The most loyal Bringme users? Seniors!



Opening De Ark


Smart letterboxes


Shared parcel boxes

Residences Twist and De Ark are part of the residential neighbourhood Tweewaters at the Vaartkom in Leuven. Both buildings were designed by top architect Stéphane Beel and includes 39 spacious, pioneering, certified service apartments for people aged 65 and over who are not reliant on care. How can the life of these active seniors be made as easy as possible? A digital concierge offers many possibilities, but is this high technological product not too complex for them?

Ultimate comfort

What if the residents of De Ark would only have to go to their letterbox when they know they’ve actually had some mail. Receiving parcels for their (grand)children or themselves is no effort at all when delivered in their own parcel box. No need to drive to the supermarket, no need to provide a signature for the courier. When someone rings the doorbell they don’t even have to get up to see who is at the door. Opening the door automatically is only a click away.

This is the kind of technology enjoyed by the seniors at De Ark residence today. They receive notifications on their smartphone via the Bringme App when a parcel has been delivered. After scanning their personal access code their private letterbox opens automatically and they can retrieve the parcel. It is no longer necessary to see the couriers and sign for it.

Services such as clothing for ironing or dry-cleaning are also delivered in the same smart box. The technology is so user-friendly it can be used by the young as well as the old.

One key for everything

“I was surprised at how easy it is to receive orders via the Bringme Box. It couldn’t be any more simple,” Gerarda Van de Velde (85 years) tells us.

Having a smartphone at the ready to retrieve parcels is not always needed. Residents have a Bringme Key which will open the front door, letterbox, parcel box, the lift, and the door of their apartment.

Resident at De Ark
“What my grandchildren enjoy so much is that they are notified every day when I empty the letterbox. We have a family account which means they also get a notification every time I use the Bringme Box. That way they are reassured I am doing well.” – Gerarda Van de Velde.

The solution

Bringme provided the seniors of the residences Twist and De Ark with:

  • extra services accessed by their smartphone
  • a parcel box which receives mail and parcels on their behalf
  • an intercom which announces visitors using their smartphone
  • one-key access: one key which opens digital boxes, doors and the lift
  • the living comfort and safety they desire

First BREEAM-OUTSTANDING certificate for service residences

Residence De Ark was the very first one in Belgium to receive a BREEAM-OUTSTANDING certificate. The building is energetic performant which results in lowered maintenance and usage costs and a low ecological footprint. There is a meeting space in De Ark with a sun patio, lounge/library with Wi-Fi, fitness, subterranean car park and a bicycle storage with green charging points. There is also a nursery for children whose parents can also make use of the services of the Bringme Box.

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