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If the Client rents or leases the space where the Bringme Desk is installed, or if there is a fiduciary on the business enterprise of the Client, the Client will notify the landlord/fiduciary in advance that the Desk is owned by Bringme and therefore, cannot be understood to fall under any landlord’s/ fiduciary's rights. The Client undertakes to keep the notice “Eigendom van Bringme” (Property of Bringme) clearly visible.


  • The rent is payable from the delivery of the Bringme Desk.
  • The rent is invoiced each quarter in advance. The Invoices are payable within 30 days without any deductions or offsets. In case of late payment, according to law and without a notice of default, a late payment interest is owed according to the legal interest rate applicable to late payments in commercial transactions and a lump sum compensation of 12%.
  • Prices mentioned in the offer are always without VAT and any other local taxes or levies.


The Client confirms that he will comply with the technical requirements for the connection of the Bringme Desk in accordance with the Technical Data Sheet and will provide these at his expense.

Delivery term

After signing the offer an indicative delivery date will be communicated to the Client.


  • The rental term begins from the installation of the Bringme Desk.
  • Except in case of registered notice at the latest before the end of the 3rd month’s rent, at the end of the term:
    • the rent of the Bringme Desk is renewed via a new rental agreement of 12, 36, 48 or 60 months at the relevant rate
    • or the Bringme Desk is purchased through a Bringme purchase agreement.
      If the renewal rental contract or purchase contract is not signed in time, the present agreement remains applicable until the new agreement is concluded and the rent will continue to be invoiced at the prevailing short-term rental rate at that time.
  • At the end of the rent, Bringme will retrieve the Desk at the Clients premises. As long as the Bringme Desk is used by the Client, this agreements stays applicable and the rent will be invoiced under the current conditions.
  • In case of early termination of the agreement by, at the expense of, or due to fault on the part of the Client, the Client shall owe Bringme a fixed and irrevocable compensation amounting to the total rent payments unexpired on the day of severance.


Bringme's liability towards the Client is in any event limited to the maximum of the total rental price that the Client pays to Bringme under this agreement, unless there is intent or gross negligence on the part of Bringme. In any case, Bringme can only be held to compensate the Client's personal and direct damage for which Bringme is liable.


  • The Client is responsible for keeping the Bringme Desk in good condition for the entire duration of the agreement and is obliged to compensate any damage that is not covered by the warranty or normal wear and tear of the Desk. To this end, the Client will insure the Desk against all risks in favor of Bringme, without recourse against Bringme.
  • The applicability of anyClient's terms and conditions (e.g. conditions of purchase, order number,etc.) are explicitly excluded, even if it is referred to in the order or invoicing. The notification of such terms and conditions to Bringme, whichever way, can never imply the tacit acceptance thereof by Bringme.
  • Amendments to this agreement are only valid if they are done in writing and signed by both parties.
  • The Client is not allowed to transfer his rights or obligations under this agreement unless with the prior written approval of Bringme.
  • This agreement is governed by and explained according to Belgian law and the Courts of Leuven have the sole jurisdiction relating to this agreement.