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Automate delivery management with a smart parcel box

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  • Offer your employees a unique employee benefit
  • Keep private parcels private at work
  • Send and return parcels in a single click
  • Optimise your internal work processes
Bringme Box at the office courier parcel drop off in smart parcelbox
Bringme Box Basis xxl 20 smart parcel box

The virtual reception does everything on your behalf

The Bringme Box is not just a locker system, it’s a digital reception that automates not only deliveries, but also consignments and internal logistics. Staff communication is managed via the app. Safe, easy, 24/7.
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Automate the reception of all deliveries

Save up to 80% of your reception’s and employees’ time by automating repetitive tasks, such as receiving couriers and taking care of deliveries. Allow all communication to be conducted automatically. No more useless tasks: no need to track recipients, no emails, no reminders.
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Bringme co-worker receives parcel

Keep private parcels private at work

The nature, shape, packaging and label often reveal the contents of private parcels. Using the digital parcel box these end up directly in the hands of the right employee. Such protection of privacy is impossible with a reception or post room.

Send & collect parcels piled on desk

Send parcels and returns in a single click

Simplify the dispatch of all your B2B and C2X parcels, returns and letters with the Bringme Box. So you’ll never need to go to the post office again!
Bring Me Obi4515 V1

Optimise your internal work processes

Improve the internal service provision by helping employees to transfer items easily using the box. It is also possible to provide IT material or conduct repairs 24/7.

6 extra reasons to request a quotation right now.

Great employee benefit

Boost the attractiveness of your work environment and make your staff happy.

Award Winning Design

Bringme’s virtual reception is an eye-catcher, wherever you put it.

Secure handover

Bringme ensures that handovers between colleagues happen quickly and safely.


The app keeps you informed of all transactions. Discussions, fraud and loss are a thing of the past.

Considerably less CO2

Orders are combined and there are no home deliveries. Fewer trips, less CO2and above all better air.


Your reception is only open at certain times, your Bringme Box is open all hours.

Using the Bringme Box, we can do a better job of meeting students' real needs. We took our lending service to another level and our employees can now focus on their core assignments
  • Bert Driessens, project lead
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Which Bringme Box fits in your company?

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