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Digitise and automate your internal logistics

  • Delivery between staff with complete Track & Trace
  • Convey IT and other equipment 24/7
  • Leave an item ready for an (absent) colleague, customer, or supplier
  • Securely exchange important documents
Bringme corporate exchange internal logistics
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Much more than a smart locker

The Bringme Box allows companies to automate their internal logistics processes. The process always runs securely and efficiently because of the hypersensitive detection and lighting in the compartments, and the box’s AI-Guard and unique access code for each employee.
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Traceable transfer between employees

The Bringme Box allows all of your staff to easily deliver items to each other. The recipient receives a notification as soon as an item is delivered. They can then use their personal QR-code to pick up the item at their discretion.

IT and other equipment available 24/7

Frequently used IT equipment or carpool keys can be kept permanently on hand in the Bringme Box, which makes these instantly available for all staff that need these items. Secure. Traceable. 24/7.
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Leave an item ready for a colleague, customer, or supplier

Save time and effort by placing items in the box ready for pickup. The employee uses the Bringme App to take a photo of the item, add a message to the photo, and sends a single-use pick-up code to the recipient.
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Safeguard the privacy of sensitive documents

Use the Bringme Box to always transfer expensive equipment or sensitive documents, such as contracts and CVs, in a secure, safe, and discrete manner.
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Efficient communication between employees

Bringme has a user-friendly app that arranges everything for your staff. Also available for the desktop.

  • Track & Trace

    Monitor your internal logistics processes in real time
  • Notifications

    Receive a notification of delivery or pickup
  • Proof of delivery

    Make an item ready for pickup and receive a proof of delivery receipt
Using the Bringme Box, we can do a better job of meeting students' real needs. We took our lending service to another level and our employees can now focus on their core assignments
  • Bert Driessens, project lead
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