Automatic reception of visitors

  • Make a lasting impression on visitors
  • Reduce reception tasks and go paperless
  • Rapid communication between visitors and employees
  • Protect your work environment and stay privacy-proof

A warm welcome

Rather than being a traditional Visitor Management System that uses a consumer product such as an iPad, the Bringme Desk is a professional kiosk featuring a unique design. Greet your guests in style and allow couriers to register parcels easily. Safe, automatic, 24/7.

Visitor registration at a higher level

A lasting first impression

Wow your visitors and give them a professional welcome. Help couriers and suppliers quickly on their way with clear instructions. The visitor experience starts at the front door.
Give reception staff valuable tasks

Give reception staff valuable tasks

Receptionists spend considerable time receiving, registering and helping visitors. Allow them to focus on valuable tasks and transfer repetitive jobs to the kiosk.

Protect your intellectual property

Protect your work environment, know-how and privacy right from your front door. Visitors sign a confidentiality agreement or privacy declaration, which is never the case with a conventional reception.

Mobile Tablet

Rapid communication between visitors and staff

Visitors report to the desk, after which the employee receives immediate notification via mail and smartphone. Much faster and simpler than the traditional reception.

3 extra reasons to request a quotation right now.

Provide a clear meeting point

Help visitors, couriers and suppliers quickly on their way.

Create a safe workplace

Know who is in the building at any time and satisfy safety legislation.

Work with professional hardware

Visitors deserve more than a tablet. Receive them with a registration system that is both attractive and reliable.

Sometimes, 3 employees were running to the reception simultaneously when a courier checked in. You do the math. Now everything is automated.
  • Pieter de Koning, Decos Facility Manager
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