A smart post office

An intelligent solution for automating personal and professional logistics operations, such as post, parcels, orders, groceries, services, and so much more. A Bringme Box is essential to receive, return, send, hand over, and exchange things. 

A post office in your organisation.

A post office in your organisation.

In every organization, the number of personal and professional logistics tasks is increasing exponentially. Bringme Office automates these hidden time sinks, so your personnel can concentrate on their core assignments. And that way, you've also got a solution for private parcels! 

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A post office in your home. 

A post office in your home

The traditional mailbox is over and done with. With Bringme Home, your project's not getting a mailbox, but its own post office. A must-have solution for post, parcels, and groceries, which boosts residents' comfort, security, and privacy.

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A post office on your campus.

A post office on your campus.

A campus is a self-contained world, with the attendant logistical challenges. With Bringme Campus, you'll optimize the internal and external logistics in your school, college, or university, and you'll offer your students and staff a valuable extra service. 

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