Time for an in-house post office

How do you accommodate the exponential growth of online orders and shopping in a residential real estate projects without compromising security and organization? The conventional mailbox has had its day and it lands buyers and tenants with a serious problem: they miss out on their parcels and groceries, and their privacy is not respected. Today, Bringme Home is a must-have in your projects.

More comfort

Driving to the post office to pick up a missed delivery is forever a thing of the past. From now on, you can even return online purchases or parcels and send (registered) mail from home. That way, Bringme unburdens residents, so they have more time for what really matters.

More privacy

Privacy by design is mandatory under the new European privacy regulations. That's why you should incorporate a Bringme Box into your plans. Because parcels only end up in the hands of who ordered them, and not in those of nosy neighbours, you'll guarantee residents' privacy.

More security

With Bringme Home, you'll avoid couriers randomly ringing doorbells or roving about the building, sharply increasing the feeling of security. Parcels lying around or lost in the lobby are also over and done with.

More return

More interest from investors, easier-to-sell apartments, and higher return thanks to efficient letting: the limited costs per apartment are more than offset by Bringme Home's added value.

750 buildings already made the leap 

With Bringme, residents can

  • Receive

    Online orders are always delivered safely.
  • Send & return

    Send parcels and mail or return a bad buy.
  • Hand over

    Leave the key for your cleaner, for example.
Discover all possibilities

6 additional reasons to request a fee quote today.

Automated concierge

From accepting a delivery, signing off on it, and facilitating the dry cleaners to leaving the key for the cleaner: everything works automatically.

Hotel feeling

Bringme offers residents the comfort of an in-house post office: they can receive parcels, groceries, or meal boxes, even when they're not home. Priceless and a must for living 2.0.

24/7 service

The Bringme Box is always available. Put the box in the lobby and residents can pick up their deliveries and groceries 24/7, whenever it suits them.

One key for everything

A single key to access the whole building as well as the Bringme Box? Bringme's LIOS makes it possible, and integrates with different access control systems.


Bringme in your housing project means reduced carbon emissions, fewer traffic jams, and less air pollution, ensuring you, as a developer or architect, contribute to a pleasant, liveable environment.


Residents' needs change. The need for larger mailboxes will result in a modification of postal regulations. Incorporate a Bringme Box into your plans, and you'll be ready for the future today. 

Standard feature in all of your projects.

Standard feature in all of your projects.

Apartment buildings

Buyers and tenants expect a solution for the exponential growth of online orders and groceries. Today rather than tomorrow. So, include Bringme Home as a standard feature in your plans and boost your apartments' value and appeal.

Student residences

Students are the online shoppers par excellence. They expect to be able to receive their online orders safely and discreetly, and that their meal box is ready and waiting for them right when they want it. In a student residence, the Bringme Box is mum 2.0.

Assisted living

The lifestyle of your average pensioner has changed radically, and the same holds for their expectations. So up the comfort and service levels and the feeling of security with Bringme Home. It also makes it easier to live independently for longer.

How does Bringme fit into your project?

Architects or developers, do you need advice for drawing up your plans or the (sale) specifications? Doubts about which box you should choose? Questions about customization? Interested in a short demo? Or would you like a tailored quote? 

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