Time for a post office of your own.

It's a huge challenge for any organization: maintaining  efficient logistics  while the number of logistical operations is increasing exponentially.  From receiving and distributing orders and processing conventional post and parcels to organizing your internal logistics: it's time to put a stop to these hidden time sinks.

Automate logistical tasks 

With Bringme Office, you're automating your employees' personal and professional logistics tasks. They won't be distracted so quickly and they'll be able to save time and focus on their core assignments.

Digitize internal logistics

All employees are connected to each other through the Bringme network. That way, internal logistics such as passing on IT equipment or handing over documents can take place easily, safely, and efficiently.

Streamline external logistics

Receiving mail, parcels, and deliveries from suppliers, getting something ready for pick-up by customers, and even organizing your switch to winter tyres—it's all automated.

Keep private parcels private

Everyone wants to have online orders delivered to their workplace. Bringme Office completely eliminates the liability issues and costs that private parcels entail, with respect for everyone's privacy.

750 companies and organizations already made the leap

With Bringme, your staff can

  • Receive

    From online orders to business parcels.
  • Send & return

    Send parcels or return a bad buy.
  • Hand over

    Hand something over to or exchange it with your colleagues.
Discover all possibilities

6 additional reasons to request a free quote today. 


Your reception desk or IT service has opening hours, your Bringme Box doesn't. Staff, suppliers, and customers can access it anytime, even at night.

Data reporting

The Last Inch Operating System makes transaction data accessible, privacy-compliant, and easy to consult for anyone who needs them. Allowing you to efficiently manage your logistics and to heftily cut back on costs.

GDPR ready

Private purchases remain private throughout, from delivery till the handover to the employee. That's impossible to achieve with a reception desk or a mailroom. That way, Bringme helps you to comply with the new European privacy regulations.


The app keeps you up-to-date on every logistical operation, you automatically get a receipt, and everything is always traceable. Discussions, fraud, and loss are forever a thing of the past.

Always connected

Both employees and suppliers, service providers, and customers can easily connect to the network. Together, they can safely transfer goods, save oodles of time and cut back on logistics costs. 


Bringme in your company or organization means reduced carbon emissions, fewer traffic jams, and less air pollution, ensuring you contribute to a pleasant, liveable environment.

A Bringme Box will cost you... nothing.

Did you know that every logistical operation costs about 6 to 10 minutes? Receiving something, signing off for it, finding the right staff member and contacting them, storing the item safely, handing it over again, or looking for it again ... Automating these time sinks will yield a hefty return. Every day without Bringme is costing your organization a great deal of money.

Suitable for any industry

Suitable for any industry

An 10-person SME has completely different needs from a company that's 10,000 strong. Also, every industry is different. That's why the Bringme Box takes on a very specific role in different sectors, in addition to that of in-house post office.

Healthcare. Technology. Government. Retail. Education. Industry.

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