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A Bringme Box in your residential project

The Bringme Box Residential is a smart letterbox and parcel box for apartments that receives deliveries and post, signs for receipt, informs residents via the app, calls the lift, and guards the entrance hall. It works with the Bringme Bell, Key, and Manager.
Bringme Box R smart parcel box basis xxl 20 white transparant Bringme Box R smart parcel box basis xxl 20 white transparant
  • Icon Aiguard


    Monitors lobby 24/7

  • Icon Touchscreen

    XL touchscreen

    Easy to use for all ages

  • Icon Smartkey


    Opens your compartment and calls the lift

  • Icon Parcel

    Communal parcel compartment

    Receives, returns and sends parcels, even when not at home

  • Icon Lightbulb

    Ambient lighting

    Gives extra safe feeling

  • Icon  Antibacteriële Coating

    The antibacterial screen

    Combats parasites, increases hygiene and safety

  • Icon Letter

    Private parcel letterbox

    Sends notification when letter or parcel is delivered

  • Icon Detection

    Hypersensitive detection

    Scans the delivery & signs on behalf of the recipient

Iphone Iphone

Porter in your residence

Bringme comes with a super intuitive app that manages everything for residents. It’s also available on your PC.

  • Keyless Access

    Scan your personal access code
  • Notifications

    Receive a message when the mail carrier or courier has been round
  • Track & Trace

    Track deliveries and shipments in real time

Using Bringme, your residents can...

Receive parcels

Easily receive online orders when away

Return purchases

Return goods to any web shop

Call the lift

The lift comes automatically when residents arrive home.

Send shipments from home

Create shipment labels and send parcels from the box

Open the front door without even getting up

Less mobile? Open the door for visitors using your smartphone.

Receive a message when the mail carrier has been round

Remain informed when the mail carrier has been round.

Setting with Bringme Bell video intercom on wall and Bringme RFID Key

One key for everything

The Bringme One-key-for-all is a key with NFC technology, which gives residents quick and easy access to the Bringme Bell and Box. No more need to start searching for the right key in the bunch.

Simple management

With the Bringme Manager, the building manager decides who may use Bringme. It is also easy to add or remove temporary tenants.

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