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A smart key for residences

Bringme's One-key-for-all is a smart security key that allows residents and tenants to open the entrance door, the smart letterbox, parcel compartments, lift, dividing doors, and the front door of the apartment with a simple swipe. Works with the Bringme Bell and Box.
Bringme New Key Green Bringme New Key Green
  • Icon Smartkey

    Access to the building

    Swipe at the front door of the building

  • Icon Mail Pickup

    Collecting mail

    Pick up letters with a simple RFID scan

  • Icon Parcel

    Collecting parcels

    Open the parcel compartment with RFID scan

  • Icon Elevator

    Calling the lift

    Communicates with the lift that the resident is on the way

  • Icon Access Access

    Opening dividing doors

    Unlocks all doors

  • Icon Access

    Entering the apartment

    Opens the front door of the apartment with a secure physical key

  • Icon Anti Copy

    Not duplicable

    Counterfeiting is not possible

One key for everything

Bringme comes with a smart key equipped with a Mifare RFID chip, badge readers, and security locks. Searching for your keys is a thing of the past!

Woman Scanning Bringme smart Key At the Bringme Bell video intercom

Comfortable & no loss of time

There’s never a problem. A simple swipe will open every door you need in the apartment building.
K8030 Assa Abloy Cylinder

Ultra-high security

Assa Abloy’s certified cylinder lock secures the apartment door. It’s a durable door lock for true burglary protection.

Setting with a Bringme Bell video intercom on the wall while Bringme RFID key is being scanned

Interested in the Bringme One-key-for-all?

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