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Boost traffic to your shop

A Click & ‘Automatic Collect’ in the shop. Send and return service. Hands-free shopping. Caretaker services and so much more. The Bringme Box brings you new customers and extra traffic. Fast. Customer-friendly. Fully automatic.

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The automatic shop counter tends to your customers in the wink of an eye

No more queues at the reception. No sales people searching for parcels. No more frustrations for your customers. Back orders, guarantees, repairs, returns… The Bringme Box tends to your customers’ needs in the wink of an eye. Even the communication is done automatically so that your staff can concentrate on selling.
Discover the Bringme Box
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Click. And Collect new customers

One order brings several purchases with it.

An order from your online shop. Customers receive a notification via the Bringme app and pick up their parcel from the box. And there will be ample time for a few impulse buys too.

Win customers from other web shops

Shoppers have their parcels from other web shops delivered to the Bringme Box in your shop. Increase your turnover with this influx of new visitors.

Intercept the return budget

Customers can quickly and simply return parcels from other web shops and at the same time spend the returned money in your shop. Kill two birds with one stone.

6 extras which will grow your turnover and improve your return

Enable hands-free shopping

Customers place their shopping bags in the box and have their hands free to discover your products.

Focus on sales

Your shop counter is not a parcel distribution centre. The Bringme Box is. Let your salespeople concentrate on your customers.

Reduce the costs of returns

Customers place their returns back in the box so they are merged into your daily logistics.

Reduce delivery time to zero

Your 20 bestselling products are always ready in the box. After being ordered online, they can be picked up straight away. No delivery time. 24/7.

Conduct interactive marketing

Shoppers interact with the Bringme Box. No better starting point for your marketing.

Green commerce

Individual home deliveries are avoided. So less driving and less CO2 and a better air quality. Important for everyone.

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The personal bond between retailer and customer

With the Bringme app shoppers link themselves to your shop. The app ensures the personal communication with your customers. This brings a unique shopping experience. Available via app or web.

  • Personal communication

    The customer receives a personalised and product-linked message.
  • Real-time notifications

    The customer receives a notification when his order has been delivered.
  • Keyless access

    The customer has an individual access code.
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