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Maximise ROI with an unstaffed reception

A lot of time, money, and energy goes into receiving visitors, and accepting parcels and deliveries. So there’s a lot to be gained by automating all this. A company can save an average of 90,000 euros a year with an unstaffed reception. Automate part or all of the reception tasks, as you wish.

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Discover below your

Go for a fully optimised front desk or automate step by step. Work fully unstaffed or combine a staffed front desk with an extra, virtual workforce. The rule is: the more you automate, the more you save.

Bringme Office Virtual Reception Full With Key
#1 visitor, mailroom & access management

A single all-in-one platform for an optimal reception experience

Never sign for a parcel again. Never open doors or show visitors the way again. No time-consuming routine tasks anymore. The unstaffed reception performs 120% of the tasks of the classic receptionist.

  • Powerful combination of visitor, mailroom, and access management;

  • Virtual assistant who takes care of the entire reception;

  • Good for cost savings of 90%.

Phished Frederik box

"Think of an unstaffed reception as an additional employee. One who takes all your tasks off your hands and saves you up to 90% in costs as well."

- Frederik Van de Meulebroucke, COO Phished.

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    #2 Bringme Box

    Automated parcel distribution with the Bringme Box

    Not only do parcels and deliveries take place without the intervention of an employee: the (internal) postal service also regulates itself. Meanwhile, the receptionist can work undisturbed or simply work from home.

    • Fully automated mailroom management;
    • Parcels and deliveries distribute themselves;
    • The Box signs for receipt and notifies the recipient.
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    #3 automated Asset Management

    Less staff needed for (IT) equipment management

    Use the Bringme Box as an (IT) service point and fully automate the management of your assets. Optimise the handover and internal delivery of materials, improve service, and save time.

    • Track & Trace for every asset;
    • Employees have access to materials 24/7;
    • Rapid exchange of contracts and documents.
    #4 smart voice assistant

    Automated access control via the Bell

    Companies that want to save on permanence and not have a receptionist in-house all the time, often combine a Bringme Box with the smart Bringme Bell. The latter opens the door for invited visitors, couriers, and suppliers and gives clear instructions.

    • Smart voice assistant shows visitors, couriers, and suppliers the way;
    • Touchscreen with image clearly shows where couriers must deliver;
    • No one needed to open the door or receive parcels.
    Discover the Bringme Bell
    Visitor Signing in at Bringme Desk
    #5 no receptionist needed

    Professional visitor management thanks to the Desk

    Preregister every visitor and inform them about the prevention measures in force in the company. Notify employees or the host and keep an attendance list. The Bringme Desk does it all.

    • Automatically sign preventive measures and NDAs;
    • Smart desk with built-in printer that delivers badges;
    • Real-time emergency evacuation list.
    #6 one key for everything

    Simplified management with digital access control

    One key that fits every door and all Bringme products, with an unprecedented level of security. Easily add new users and assign access rights. Innovative key management at its best.

    • Both smart keys and access via QR code;
    • No battery and no cabling required;
    • Adjust access rights online in real time.
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      #7 Bringme Manager

      Streamline reception processes with reliable data

      Cut costs using the Bringme Manager’s mailroom, visitor, and access management data dashboard to make continuous adjustments and streamline processes.

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      Optimise your unstaffed reception with

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