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A parcel letterbox for your residential project

  • Reduce the construction costs on your projects
  • Increase convenience with a digital porter
  • Allow residents to receive parcels even when they’re away
  • Install a smart post office in your residence
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The dream solution for every resident

The Bringme Box Residential is not simply a parcel box. It’s an all-in-one solution for the entrance hall that boosts your residents’ comfort. Receiving a parcel, signing for receipt or returning an order... The digital porter does it all and so much more. It’s safe, easy and 24/7.
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Reduce the construction costs on your projects

A doorbell, access control, letterboxes, cameras, and lots of keys and locks. An entrance hall filled with so many different systems requires expensive cables and a lot of coordination. Reduce the construction costs on your residential projects with an all-in-one solution.

Respond to the needs of your buyers

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Increase convenience with a digital porter

The Bringme Box receives parcels from any retailer and any courier service, anywhere in the world. The app informs the resident immediately of any delivery for an in-house hotel feeling.
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Install a smart post office in your residence

Thanks to Bringme, residents can create a shipment label at home, return online orders, and allow couriers to collect parcels or letters. So they no longer need to go to the post office.
Discover the Bringme Box Residential
Case Residential Gands Stephane Verbeeck
We're convinced that YUST's added value is not just contained in the construction, but also and especially in the services we can create around the home.
  • Stéphane Verbeeck, CEO Gands
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6 reasons to request a quote today

No more unnecessary trips to the letterbox

Has the mail carrier been round? The resident will be notified in real time via the app on their smartphone.

Triple award-winning design

The timeless design of the Bringme box is a real eye-catcher in your entrance hall.

Helping to protect the climate

Fewer CO2 emissions, less traffic and less air pollution. Your construction project will contribute to a more sustainable environment.

Simple building management

The Bringme Manager makes it easier for facility managers to sign residents and tenants in and out.

The new standard

Perfect for every project whether it’s 1 or 100 apartments.

For young and old

The Bringme Box is intuitive and easy-to-use for people of any age.

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Bringme fits in every building project

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