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A traffic generator at your store

  • Receive the returns budget of online customers
  • Enable sales staff to focus on selling instead of parcel management
  • Click and ‘Automatic Collect’ service
  • Attract online shoppers to your store
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Click and ‘Automatic Collect’ service

Enable customers to collect their online order from the Bringme Box in your store. No more queues at the collection desk and more time to make a purchase.
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More customers. More sales.

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Attract online shoppers to your store

Allow online shoppers to receive parcels from any retailer via the Bringme Box in your store. Increase your turnover with this influx of new visitors.
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Receive the returns budget of online orders

Customers can effortlessly return parcels from other retailers via the box in your store. They could even spend the money they get back on your products. Two birds. One stone.

3 ways Bringme will impact your turnover and profit

Focus on sales

Your checkouts are not a parcel collection point. A Bringme Box is. Enable your sales staff to focus on your customers.

Increase the profitability of your staff

Put an end to staff wasting time by accepting, signing for and storing online orders.


Bringme puts an end to individual home deliveries. Fewer trips means less CO2 and better air quality, so you’ll be doing your bit for the environment.

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I want to increase traffic to my stores

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Bringme Box Retail

Click & Automatic collect to generate more traffic

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Bringme Network

Connect with a network of 250,000 shoppers

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