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Why educational institutions choose Bringme

For educational institutions, it's becoming increasingly important to ensure—in addition to an excellent education—good service and hospitality. The Bringme Box offers a solution in the guise of a nice benefit for employees and a great complementary service for students. By now, our Bringme Boxes have been installed in over 10 colleges and universities in Belgium and the Netherlands. And not just any colleges: KU Leuven, Thomas More, and Wageningen University are already using the Bringme Box. Read about their seven main reasons are to choose Bringme.

Here are the 7 most important reasons educational establishments opt for Bringme:

1. Parcel delivery service = student and employee benefit

There's no getting around it, online orders keep gaining ground. Because students and teachers spend more time at school than they do at home and have irregular schedules, it's not easy for them to receive parcels at home.

2. Fewer hands for more work

Receiving parcels via the Bringme Box requires no staff and all communication is automated using the Bringme App.

3. Professional parcels...

are also simply delivered to the Bringme Box and always end up in the right hands.

4. No more lost parcels

Because parcels are safely held in the Bringme Box and the recipient gets live updates about the delivery, nothing is lost and parcels can't be stolen.

5. More efficient and safe logistics

Fewer logistical movements to and from the different school buildings or campuses are required. By working with a network of Bringme Boxes, logistics aren't just more efficient, but safer, too.

6. In-house messengers have less transport to do

The recipient simply walks to the Bringme Box themselves to pick up their parcels whenever it suits them.

7. Students and teachers can exchange stuff amongst themselves

Study materials, lost and found property, or things that can be reused. Often, educational institutions are willing to facilitate these things, but they simply don't have the staff required.

That Bringme and the educational world are hitting it off isn't just great for employees and students. Going for an innovative way of working also benefits the educational establishment's image. The Bringme Box is even becoming a new meeting point, providing space for new initiatives and reinforcing the social cohesion between employees and students. Would you like to hear more about the advantages of Bringme for your educational institution? We'd love to come talk to you about it.

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