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Decos’ virtual reception welcomes visitors and parcels


Decos is an IT company that uses its own software solutions to go for a 100% paperless office. They felt it was high time to also digitize their reception. But the company didn't want half measures. They decided to go the whole hog. They started by banning every last scrap of paper, sent paper mail back unopened with the question to be contacted by mail, and even went paperless in the facilities (yup...). And the next logical step was to up the ante from digitization to automation.

Case Office Box Decos entrance

Beam me up, Pepper

If you pay a visit to Decos in the Netherlands, you'll think you've ended up in a sci-fi movie. The company's building is shaped like a meteorite and located in an actual desert—even if it's really an industrial estate. The science fiction feel only gets stronger when you walk inside: the door slides open and robot Pepper asks whether we'd like to check in. "No, you don't have to key anything in, you can just talk to me," he says affably. After that, another robot comes rolling in to show us around. Speaking of full automation ...

On the way to a virtual reception desk

In order to convert their reception with its two half-time staff to a fully automated, unattended reception desk, Decos began by determinedly returning all paper mail. They opted for an external switchboard, so no one was needed in-house anymore to pick up the phone and put calls through. Things became even more fun when robot Pepper joined in order to welcome visitors.

With Bringme, of course

The frosting on the cake? The Bringme Box. This works as a real virtual reception desk. Couriers and delivery people check themselves in and report who they're there for. Using the Box, co-workers can quickly and easily receive parcels or exchange equipment among themselves. Which ensures internal logistics runs a good deal more smoothly.

Case Office Box Decos Pepper
“Sometimes, 3 employees were running to the reception simultaneously when a courier checked in. You do the math. Now everything is automated," says Pieter de Koning, Decos Facility Manager. "Using the Bringme Box, we no longer lose time receiving couriers or delivery people and distributing parcels. Our 100% digital reception is now in place.”

- Pieter de Koning, Facility Manager bij Decos.

Case Office Box Decos

The solution

Decos chose the Bringme Box because it:

  • receives and signs off for all parcels instead of the addressee
  • lets couriers and deliverers check themselves in at the entrance hall
  • lets staff exchange things safely and easily
  • complies with the new GDPR rules and safeguards staff privacy
  • creates a fully automated reception

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