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Bringme Box at Delhaize Wezemaal

How AD Delhaize Wezemaal converts online shoppers into customers


From digital shopping basket to physical shopping trolley

How can supermarkets attract new customers and connect them to their shop in these times of fierce competition? That’s a question that was on the mind of AD Delhaize Wezemaal for quite a while. When they discovered the existence of the Bringme Box, they were all ears. “As a retailer we are constantly looking for ways to please our customers. We wanted to take part in this trend of digitalising,” says AD Delhaize.

Meanwhile a very fancy black Bringme Box has had pride of place in their shop for quite some time now and they have also placed the product in their shops in Scherpenheuvel and Lovenjoel. Soon there will also be one in Tielt-Winge. If there was any scepticism in the beginning, that has long been forgotten by now.

“What we find so great about the box is that you are offering your customers an extra service which goes beyond your own products or shop. Our Bringme Box is always full. It is clear that our clients appreciate the extra service and the box helps us to build an even wider, more loyal client base.”
Black Bringme Box at AD Delhaize Wezelmaal

A real traffic generator

Apart from the extra service for existing customers, there is also a noticeable difference in the influx of new clientele. They come to the Delhaize shop because they can have their order from any web shop delivered here.

“We don’t have our own web shop. Yet we see a lot of online shoppers coming through the doors. They collect their delivery from the Bringme Box and often combine this with doing their own grocery shopping in our shop,” AD Delhaize Wezemaal tells us. “The box is not only a traffic generator, it also provides us with extra sales.”

The solution

AD Delhaize opted for a Bringme Box because of multiple reasons:

  • The box attracts web shoppers who purchase other things when they collect their parcels.
  • It is a much appreciated service which helps to bind loyal customers to the shop.
  • The modern design of the Bringme Box is an eyecatcher in the shop emphasising the attention the owner has for his customers.

Want to install the Bringme Box in your store?