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Optimise your (IT) Asset Management

Handing over and delivering materials and documents internally is very time-consuming. Especially now that so many people are working from home. Installing a Bringme Box solves a lot of problems in one go.

  • Have frequently requested IT or replacement materials ready to be picked up
  • Give employees 24/7 access to materials
  • Maintain a track and trace overview
  • Never lose (IT) assets again
Bringme Box Office
Employee putting an item into the Bringme Box

Your equipment management can be so simple

By automating your asset management, you are not only doing customers and employees a favour: it is also more efficient for (IT) managers.

  • no theft or stolen materials
  • fewer people needed for internal deliveries
  • better internal and external services
BOX 10 Asset Management

Special box for asset tracking

This Bringme Box has special compartments for IT materials and documents with additional built-in security and compartment detection. Comfortable and safe at the same time. Everything to take as much work off your hands as possible.

Delivered and done

  • Step 1
    Scan your company badge or personal QR code at the box
  • Step 2
    Put the delivery in the compartment
  • Step 3
    Share the pick-up code via the app with your favourite communication channels (WhatsApp, mail, etc.)

3 examples of successful workflow automation

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Prepare an order for a customer.

They pick it up when it suits them, with a pick-up confirmation.

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Use the box for your IT asset management.

Ideal for delivering replacement devices, cables, mice, etc.

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Deliver items to your colleagues.

Do you have equipment or documents to pass on to your co-worker? Just put them in the box.

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Return IT materials.

Ideal for situations when co-workers are returning IT materials. That way, they are ready for the next user.

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Track your deliveries from home.

Have you received a delivery on your home working day? Then forward your pickup code to a colleague at the office.

Never lose materials again. Now that’s handy.

A lot of time and money go into managing (IT) materials and other assets. By automating your materials management, you can keep an overview at all times. No mouse escapes your notice.

  • Saves costs
  • Efficient
  • Comfortable
Iphone Iphone

Equipment tracking via the app

Do you want to prepare something for collection and you need a pick-up code for a supplier or customer in advance? Then create it via the app before you put the materials in the box.

  • Open the Bringme App

    Describe the asset and take a photo, if necessary.
  • Share the QR code

    You will now receive a pick-up code via the app. You share it with the recipient. Whenever you like.
  • Drop it in the box

    Place the item in the box. As soon as it is collected, you will receive a notification.
Man taking item out of the box

The Bringme Box as asset management system

Sometimes you just want to make frequently requested (IT) materials permanently available. Your employees can then retrieve them from the box when they need them.

  • Scan your personal QR code directly via the box and choose ‘handover’ on the touchscreen
  • Describe the item you want to make available and take a photo, which can also be done via the touchscreen.
  • Place the materials in the opened compartment. If someone asks, you share the pick-up code via the app.

    And the recipient?

    It’s super simple for the recipients. They scan their pick-up code at the box and the correct compartment opens.

    • Fully traceable
      As soon as the recipient has picked up their item, the sender receives a notification. This allows them to maintain an overview at all times.
    • How to return materials?
      The person returning the materials scans their QR code at the box and chooses the correct internal service or person via the touchscreen.
    IMG 0895

    In-demand materials

    Sometimes, it’s convenient to have everything ready in one compartment. Especially frequently requested (office) equipment, such as a card reader or car pool keys. This way, the HR or Facilities Department maintains an overview at all times

      Employees working

      "Employees who are not present on a daily basis now store their personal items, documents and other items in the Bringme Box until they return to the office.

      - Arnold Kamphuis, Axians
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