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Gain customers with a Bringme Box

The Bringme Box accepts orders, signs for receipt and automatically informs your customers. Customers can also use it to send and return parcels.
White Bringme Box White Bringme Box
  • Parcel / Delivery

    Click and ‘Automatic Collect’

    Enable customers to collect their online orders from your sales point

  • Aftersales / Truck

    Aftersales service

    Receives and delivers repairs to customers without any waiting times

  • Courier Parcel

    Fast lane access

    All couriers can deliver their parcels without assistance from your store staff

  • Shopping cart

    Traffic generator

    Customers simply scan to receive their parcels, giving them more time to shop

  • Icon Antiviral

    The antibacterial screen

    Combats parasites and increases hygiene

  • Retour / Parcel

    Send & Collect

    Enable customers to return and send parcels from your sales point

Iphone Iphone

A personal connection between store and customer

Available on mobile or desktop, the Bringme App allows customers to easily connect with your store. The app takes care of all personal communication, providing a unique experience and helping you gain more customers.

  • Personal communication

    Receive a personalised and product-linked message
  • Real-time notifications

    Get a notification when an order has been delivered
  • Easy access

    Enjoy a personal access code

Click and ‘Automatic Collect’ on your website

With Click & Collect API, customers can collect their online order from the Bringme Box in your store. They’ll receive a product-linked message with a picture when their order is delivered to the box, as well as a personal access code to collect it.

    Configure your own box

    Build your own Bringme Box with our handy configurator and receive a customised quote.

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    Bringme Network

    Bringme Network

    Connect with a network of 250,000 shoppers