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Welcome visitors and parcels with a virtual reception

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  • Automate repetitive reception tasks
  • Create the ultimate visitor experience
  • Offer your employees a unique employee benefit
  • Reduce costs with a virtual reception
Bringme corporate business smart parcel box collection and delivery
Bringme Desk virtual receptionist in setting next to smart parcel box

Bringme does it all on your behalf

Save up to 92% of your reception’s and employees’ time by automating repetitive tasks, such as receiving visitors and suppliers, taking care of parcels as well as the related communication.

Welcome to your company’s virtual reception

Secure your front door with an access control system

The Bringme Bell is a smart access control system for your company, which welcomes visitors and suppliers, (temporarily) records their image, and opens the door automatically.
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Bringme Desk woman registering at the virtual reception

Automatic reception of visitors

Rather than being a traditional visitor management system that uses a consumer product such as a tablet, the Bringme Desk is a professional kiosk featuring a unique design. Greet your guests in style and help them on their way.
Bringme Box at the office courier parcel drop off in smart parcelbox

Receiving parcels at work

The Bringme Box accepts orders or shipments, signs for receipt and automatically informs the recipient: a true virtual reception.
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The personal assistant of your employees

Bringme comes with a convenient app that manages everything for your employees. From communicating about visitors to easily receiving, sending and returning parcels.

Manage your visitors and deliveries with ease

The Bringme Manager is a digital logbook of visitors and deliveries. It automates communication with employees and protects their privacy. A must-have for every company.
Bringme Box Office man scans smartphone at the smart parcel box


How much money could a virtual reception area save your company?

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Overview smart parcel box Bringme Box white

Bringme Box

A smart parcel box for couriers and parcels

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Bringme desk

Sign in visitors at a virtual reception

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Bringme Bell

Smart doorbell for your office

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