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The new
standard for
access control

Bringme's digital access control system combines security, ease of use and user convenience. The Bringme Key is one key for all the doors, Bringme products and other office applications. And for visitors there is QR code access and registration.
Key Octo OFFICE Works With ENG Key Octo OFFICE Works With ENG
  • Key Icon Swipe

    Swipe to unlock

    NFC to open doors, check in at the Desk and collect deliveries from the Box with a swipe

  • Manager settings icon

    Remotely programmable

    Access rights and time profiles programmable in the cloud

  • Key copy icon

    Cannot be copied

    Copy protection with AES-256 encryption

  • Log history icon

    Logbook for events

    Logbook memory for openings and opening attempts

Bringme Office Virtual Reception Isometric Asset Management Full Wide White Title ENG
Phished Frederik box

"With Bringme's digital access control, we have significantly reduced our management costs. And our employees are also fans of the Key that operates all office applications."

- Frederik Van de Meulebroucke, COO of cybersecurity company Phished

All business areas digitally protected

The Bringme Key, Bell, readers, and wireless locks guarantee digital access control in your company. Smart and fully integrated, for lower costs and manageability.

Scanning the key at the Bringme Bell

Bringme Bell & access updater

Reads Bringme Key (or company badge) and opens the door. Updates the Bringme Key online with the current list of locked keys, access rights and time restrictions.

Scanning phone at Bringme QR scanner

Bringme Reader + QR

Scans QR code (invitation email) of visitors and Bringme Key (or company badge) of employees and opens the door.

K5 S Bringme Lock Key

Plug and play lock

Office security cylinders that generate the energy for digital verification when the key is inserted. No wires or battery required.

Manage access wherever you are

Manage access rights quickly and easily in real time, including remotely, with the cloud-based Key Manager.

  • Three-tier security

    Security token required to log in, Secure Information Storage and back-ups. ISO 27001 certified.
  • Digital key plan

    Complete overview of authorised persons and locks on card
  • Access rights and time restrictions

    Share, manage and blacklist with ease

The fastest key service in the world

Key lost, stolen or forgotten? Always provide a 'blank' replacement key in the Bringme Box.

Mockup Bringme Manager Mockup In Setting Key Manager ENG


Assign rights of use to the blank key in the Box via the Key Manager

Bringme Key Ready In Box for Pickup


Send the employee a QR barcode to collect the key from the box

Bringme Key scan QR Code scanner


The employee swipes the blank key on the Bringme Bell or online reader. Rights of use: assigned!

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API Integration Bringme System

Several APIs for fewer administrative tasks

The open application programming interface (API) enables smooth integration with your own systems.

3 additional advantages that make the difference with Bringme

Bringme’s hardware is stylish in design, but our software is even better. It ensures that the products and services are perfectly aligned with each other. Our commitment:

Highest level of security for your access control

No weak spots, there is a solution for every room

Unrivalled user experience

Bell, Key, Readers and Key Manager: everything works seamlessly together for optimum convenience

We make it simple for you

Intuitive access control for managers and users

The Bringme Key works together with:

Bringme Desk

Bringme Desk

For the safe check in of visitors and employees

Bringme Box

Bringme Box

Contactless delivery to and collection from smart parcel machine

Bringme Bell

Bringme Bell

For access control from the main door