Have tasks performed by a digital reception

Discover a unique, all-in-one solution that combines access, visitor, and mailroom management. The digital receptionist is an ingenious combination of smart, user-friendly software and hardware with an award-winning design that manages the entire reception process. This way, you can focus on what really counts.

Your connected workplace

No one will be disturbed while working. Couriers and suppliers sign themselves in and deliver all parcels independently. Visitors go through an automated welcome process and the host is immediately notified via the app. It’s the ultimate user experience.

With or without a receptionist?

As a company, you decide where you’ll deploy the digital reception. Our specialists will help you choose the solution that is most beneficial to your company.

  • Is it mainly dealing with parcels and deliveries?
  • Do you want help in receiving visitors?
  • Do you want to reduce your reception team?
  • Or do you want to go fully automated?

24/7 worry-free

The digital reception solves many current problems of the hybrid working environment.

  • Continuity even when there is (almost) nobody in the office.
  • Accept parcels and welcome visitors, including after hours.
  • Never sick, never stuck in traffic, and available 24/7.
  • Favoured as an employee benefit.

Professional reception

A smooth and friendly – and completely automated – welcome. Customised for your business. With or without a receptionist.


No one has to stand up or answer phone calls to show visitors the way or give instructions to couriers: the Bringme Bell takes care of it.


No one needs to notify the host when a visitor arrives: the Bringme Desk takes care of everything.

Hands free

No one has to interrupt their work to sign for a parcel or to receive a delivery: the Bringme Box takes care of that.

Smart desk makes your reception efficient. Always.

The Bringme Desk performs all visitor management tasks, and more, 24/7. It receives visitors, implements a safety protocol, has visitors sign an NDA, requires disinfection of hands, and issues an ‘all clear’ badge. It also looks after the employees’ health.

Know who's present, 24/7

Besides visitor management, the desk also looks after the employees’ health.

Smart box signs on your behalf. You’re welcome.

Couriers and suppliers deliver fully independently: the Bringme Box signs for receipt and the app sends a message to the recipient.

It’s also ideal for your asset management.

From now on, sending and returning parcels and exchanging items between colleagues is fully automated.

Smart doorbell provides instructions to couriers. Welcome!

The Bringme Bell, assisted by the Bringme Key, takes care of the complete access control.

Clear voice instructions

The bell sends visitors to the Bringme Desk and sends couriers to the Bringme Box. Everything’s automated!

Bringme's digital access control

Our intelligent access control system increases security in the workplace and makes your administrative tasks easier. All fully integrated with your digital reception.

QR code for visitor access

Create a secure and professional visitor experience. Give visitors access via an invitation email with a QR code.

One key for all

With the Bringme Key, employees have one key for all the doors, Bringme products and other applications at the office. Simplicity itself.

Remote access control

The cloud-based Key Manager enables you to manage access rights easily in real time, even remotely.

One ecosystem. One app.

The use of the Bringme Box, Bringme Bell, and Bringme Desk is centralised from the super handy Bringme app. Just as easy to operate on a computer as on a smartphone.

Customised for your business

Installation, configuration, and API integrations are done via the Bringme Manager. Completely private, secure, and user-friendly.

Smart access control

Manage access rights quickly and easily and constantly have up-to-date information about used keys, cylinders, QR readers, etc.

  • Personalise your sign-in and sign-out flows, visitor badges, notifications, etc.
  • Manage your visitor dashboard, directory, visitor reports, etc.
  • ISO27001 IT Security-certified and ISO27701 GDPR-compliant

Bringme, service partner for your digital workplace

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Your dedicated customer success manager goes for 100% customer satisfaction.

Help center with unique control room

Bringme can solve 90% of potential problems without on-site intervention.

Own intervention team

For on-site maintenance and urgent interventions.

Do you want to save costs with a digital reception?

I’m happy to advise you!

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