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The smartest video bell for your apartments

Residents immediately see who is at the door and can open the door remotely using their smartphone. Wherever they happen to be. Couriers are given temporary access and deliver their parcel contactless in the box. This bell marks the beginning of a new era.

Bringme Bell video intercom black 2 Bringme Bell video intercom black 2
  • Icon Videofoon


    Connects visitors to the resident's smartphone or videocom

  • Icon Bringme Badge


    Opens both doors and the Bringme Box, and residents can use it to call the elevator

  • Icon Speech

    Voice assistant

    Automatically instructs couriers and meal service providers to deliver contactless

  • Icon Locked Parcel

    Doorbell for couriers

    Opens the front door for safe and contactless deliveries

  • Icon LMOS

    Last Mile Operating System

    Secure and limited access control for couriers

A safe service for parcels and groceries

The Bringme Bell knows exactly how to guide visitors, suppliers, and couriers.

Bell Visitor Flow Welcome Visitor Residential ENG

Dear visitor, welcome

Are you a visitor? If so, the resident will receive a video call on their smartphone.

Bell Visitor Flow Welcome Courier

Making a delivery, dear courier?

Couriers are given limited access to deliver contactless into the Bringme Box. Along with voice instructions.

Videocom Mockup On Couch

Handy videophone talks and opens doors

See who’s at the door. Open entrance doors. Receive visitors. So simple with this portable videophone.

Iphone Iphone

Also accessible when you are not at home

Bringme comes with a handy app-sistant that manages everything for residents. A desktop version is also available.

  • Always at home

    See, hear, and speak to visitors from wherever you happen to be
  • Contactless deliveries

    Parcel delivered? If so, you’ll get a message.

The smartest key for apartments

Bringme Badge ENG FR Bringme Badge ENG FR
  • Icon Door

    Swipe yourself in

    Open the front door of the building with a quick swipe of the Bringme Bell

  • Icon mail pickup 8bb8c7691005a6dd9da35bb0b54916a6

    Collect your post

    Pick up letters with a simple scan of the box

  • Icon Parcel

    Collect parcels or groceries

    A simple swipe and, hey presto, the right compartment opens

  • Icon Double Doors

    Open the connecting door

    Get in easily, even with armfuls of groceries

Social Distancing in residenties

Smart key gives an alert during virus peaks

The One-key-for-all is a badge, a key and an alarm device all in one. With a quick swipe it opens doors, and during virus peaks it issues a warning the moment anyone gets closer than 2m. Handy and safe!

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